Friday, March 10, 2017

Smooth Stride Tank, Long Distance Tank, Smooth Stride Bra, and More

Viridian Green Invigorate Bra and Tights.

Invigorate Bra, Long Distance Tank, Smooth Stride Crops

Viridian Green Cool Racerback and Invigorate Tights

Smooth Stride Tank and Invigorate Tights. The Invigorate Tights are replacing Inspire Tights.

Smooth Stride Bra and Crop.

Lost in Pace LS, Illuminight Swiftly Tank, and Smooth Stride Tigths. I saw this Lost in Pace in the store and, even though it is made of Seriously Light Luon, it has a texture. I didn't try it on because I wasn't a fan of the texture, I am spoiled by my super soft similar 5 Mile LS tops.

Glide and Stride Bra, Sea Spray Smooth Stride Tank, and Speed Shorts.

Sea Spray Smooth Stride Tank, Energy Bra,  and Invigorate Tights.

Sole Training SS and Sped Shorts

Free to Be Tranquil Bra, Every Yogi Tank, and Dark Olive Align Pants

Dark Olive Smooth Stride LS

Olive Smooth Stride Tights and Energy Bra


Samantha said...

Sad to see the Inspire Tights go :( The invigorate tights look decent (and thankfully the same price), but the inspires had the nice butt-enhancing stitching on the back.

Anonymous said...

The woman has an amazing physique, but why do we have to see her belly, her bum, and her crotch? Those photos are warning me against those clothes.

Anonymous said...

Lol what century do you live in @4.58

Anonymous said...

They really ruined the Speed shorts. The fit is a joke, and if you have an ass, you're SOL. I really regret selling some of my older pairs. I hate all the shrunken, child-like proportions that were popular when I was in middle school and high school. Looks cheesy, dated, and like you don't know how to dress your body/buy the right size.

Anonymous said...

Look how much pulling and sagging there is across the front of those white Speeds yet they're tight through the leg openings - those are too small, period.

Anonymous said...

@1:11 - Why so catty? She had a good point!

GratefulMama said...

I agree, I'm not even sure which photos you are referring too... I think they all look fine.

Anonymous said...

GratefulMama, I think she's talking about the pictures next to the water. I also thought the fit on those Speeds was way too small. Sometimes, even on a great body, clothes that are revealing are less flattering than those which conceal a little more, imho. But in any circumstances, Speed Shorts are short, so they're really only for those who are comfortable wearing a bit less fabric.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with these pictures/clothes. Everybody has a crotch and butt. Some people even feel comfortable only wearing sports bra at the gym. It's their choice . If you don't like it don't look at it

Anonymous said...

Anon. 3:06 - Well said! Those Speeds are definitely way too small. It's not a good look, regardless of body type.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the speeds, they made the back longer from what I noticed. The woman wearing the white speeds is wearing a size that is too small for her.
I also think that if your thighs are muscular the speeds are hard to pull off.