Monday, February 6, 2017


Surprise upload today (thanks to reader Bacall for the heads up!). Pics and comments to follow.

Deep Rouge Align Crops and Pants, Wunder Under Crops, and Power Y.

Glide and Stride Tank in Illuminight and Alarming.

Breathe a Wool Tank in Dark Olive.

CRB II in Dark Olive

Dark Olive/Black Swiftly Tank and LS.

Non Stop Bomber Jacket in Dark Chrome and Dark Olive

Dusty Alpine WUs.

Stride and Glide Bra in Alarming. Not sure why the hooks are white.

Dark Olive Carry the Day Bag

Dark Olive Low Rise WUs

Dark Royal Fast and Free Tight

Going Places Hooded Jacket

Pace Rivals, Speed Tights, and Wunder Unders in Hazy Days

Deep Rouge Hazy Days Inspire Tights

Illuminight Blue Scuba IV

Invigorate Bra. It looks like they used the front of the Energy bra for this.

Wind Down Pullover

Go Lightly Belt Bag

Dark Chrome Go Lightly Backpack

Glow On Reflective Hair Ties

Nothing for me - did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

Nope nothing as well. Love the olive CRB but not in the new version

Rise and Shine said...

Nothing for me. None of the colors is totally speaking to me. The designs are pretty uninspiring and the prints are all dreary black and white, so a lot depends on whether there are fun colors for the basics.

I like the look of the Dark Olive Scuba, but i don't want to pay $118 for such thin material. I would probably pay $59 for it, but not more. It's just not special enough. As is the case with pretty much everything at Lulu these days. Generic and/or fug. There are the odd standouts, but they're really few and far between.

I noticed there were some "new" Sculpt I tanks. I think they're actually old, but people who love version I might consider picking them up.

Anonymous said...

nothing really appeals to me...not very spring like, although I know it's a transitional time. Feels dark and drab.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the hair ties were only uploaded to Canada? Or am I missing something?

Samantha said...

More black and white!! Why lulu!?!?!?!?!

I do like the rouge hazy days print though. I would consider a pair of speed shorts in that print!

Anonymous said...

more generic ugly $h!t!

LuluAddict said...

@Remwa - yes, Canada only for now.

lulubell said...

I like the look of the going places hooded jacket, but the price point...not worth it IMO.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting Bomber and Speeds in Dark Chrome. In love with this color! And the jacket is cute and classy, will go with lots of stuff.

Anonymous said...

They really went all out photoshopping the models' faces this time. They look unrecognizable. Their facial features have been so blurred out they look like they've been painted on balloons.

Anonymous said...

Omg this was very expensive upload. Got Bomber jacket, Lost in Pace top, High Times in Teeny Check and speed shorts in Dark Chrome. I hope I'll hate something. I have been waiting for Astro Blue HT or WUC or Pace rivals in Luxtreme and Filtered Orange CRB or Power Y.

LisalisaM1 said...

I love black and gray, so I got two Non-Stop tanks in each color :-))

Anonymous said...

I bought the chrome speeds. I actually liked several other items, but I'm going to mull it over for the week and see what I'm still thinking about come the weekend.

Anonymous said...

That bomber ��������. Warm and already worn with so many things. Dark olive and midnight are going to be purchased in everything.

Anonymous said...

Good grief these colors are depressing. Where are the fun prints and patterns? And seriously, an oatmeal colored running short? (the new speeds) The sweat marks would be epic with that color. Off to browse least they're bringing the fun with bold colors and prints on their new styles.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:00 pm - I just came from the store and was majorly bummed there wasn't more Polar Pink items to choose from. It's all so blah and masculine these days. I miss feminine shapes and design details.

Katie said...

anyone know how deep rouge and bordeaux drama compare?

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the Deep Rouge Define Jacket to show its face in Canadian stores......

Anonymous said...

The chrome color is interesting. lately I have been into colors like that, mauve, flesh etc. Those will look good with a tan in Summer.