Tuesday, February 28, 2017

UK Spoilers

Sea Spray Dark Chrome Sole Training LS

Squad Goals Hoodie. I believe this is made of sheer luon. The color is Pebble Jacquard. I like this but would get it in another color.

New looser fitting Swiftly LS - the "Breeze" LS Swiftly, shown in Slate and Black.

New Black/White Swiftly in a tank and LS. This is kind of cute.

New green in the Swiftly- Veridian Green/Black.

New print/texture in sheer luon - Squad Goals Tank in Grey Pebble Jacquard.
Henna/Black Energy Bra. I'd love to see this modeled on a woman with pale skin. It's a neat modern look but I know it will look like cr*p on me, plus I think this colorway will look dated quickly.

Free to Flow 7/8 Tight in Blue Tied.

Smooth Stride Tight in Blue Tied/Black.

Invigorate Tights in Sea Spray Alpine White/Dark Chrome and Daisy Dust.

Re-form Jacket in Blue Tied.

Sea Spray Free Dark Chrome/Alpine White to Be Zen Bra.

Illuminight Free to Be Zen Bra


Anonymous said...

#basic really??

Anonymous said...

Well I'm excited about new stuff that's coming up. I'll definitely need that Squad Goals hoodie. Not sure what sheer Luon is. Wish it was made of Nulu , that would be so soft . I'm also liking new texture/color Gray pebble jacquard. Blue Tied looks interesting. But where are all the dresses?? I would love to have Picnic or Power Date style dress in Henna

Jen S. said...

The black and white swiftly would have been an automatic purchase over the holiday's, however it's March tomorrow, and I no longer want to think of snow, which is what this reminds me of...

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try the looser fitting Swiftly. Looks like it would be very useful.

Can't see any thumbholes though, which is a shame.

Liking the black/white speckled Swiftly too.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:57 pm - Sheer luon is what seriously light luon used to be called. I'm not sure what it's made of exactly since part of the text says it's made of luon and under the actual color dot it's called "sheer luon pebble jacquard". Maybe it's some new sort of rulu-type fabric.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

GratefulMama said...

Well, you never know who reads and comments on the blogs. Maybe we'll get lucky and someone who works for lululemon will come educate us on what sheer Luon is!

Anonymous said...

Instead of "UK Spoilers" your title should read "Ugly crap we'll be getting soon"

Anonymous said...

Geez thanks LLL for giving us one pop of colour this week to put some life into this drab drop.

4vrfit said...

@anon 7:26 AM , thank you! Your comment made me laugh this morning! I loved it!