Friday, February 10, 2017

In-Store Photos: Kicking Asphalt Vest, Midnight Navy/Black Dotted Swiftly SS, Breathe-A-Wool Tank, Carry the Day Bag, and More

Kicking Asphalt Vest. The fit was a roomy TTS. It was ok but I'm not sure why the outer shell wasn't made of Swift instead of generic polyester fabric.

New Midnight Navy/Black Swiftly SS. I have a few comparison photos to solid Midnight Navy:

 Midnight Navy/Black Swiftly SS compared to the solid Midnight Navy Swiftly Tank. 

Breathe a Wool Tank. (Thanks to Ms. K. for her photos of the Olive one). I thought this fit TTS. It's very thin but soft. Based on how it looked in my store it seems to wrinkle easily. The seaming on the back struck me as masculine.

New Carry the Day Bag (thanks, Ms. K.).

New Sole Training UPF SS in Poseidon. (Thanks to Ms. K.)

Lost In Pace LS. I thought the fit was a roomy TTS and decently long. There are no reflective details. I think my 5 Mile LS are cuter but I'd get this on a nice markdown.

Move Bra. It was cute but definitely not made for D ladies.

Invigorate Bra - This bra felt very flimsy to me.

Non Stop Bomber Photos. This fit TTS.

It was ok but I'm tired of sheer luon tanks.

Backside of the Radiant Rose Wunder Unders. I wish these came in regular length WUCs or Pace Rivals. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)

Neon Pink Swiftly SL spotted in Canada. (Thanks to Ms. K.)

 I tried to get a photo to show that the Hazy Days print is a textured luon, similar to spray jacquard. 

New Glide and Stride Tank in Canada. (Thanks Ms. K.)

Not a great photo of the Dark Olive/Black Swiftly color-wise but I wanted to show that the black is very subtle in the color. This is one of the few black-blended Swiftlys I liked. I was decently soft and stretchy and the color was pretty.


Anonymous said...

I got the move bra in white and royal - I absolutely love it. But I'm a B/C cup so unfortunately I can't shed light on whether it would work for a larger bust. I don't know why but it's so soft and comfortable. It's one of the most comfy Lulu bras I own.

Anonymous said...

Some stores in the Boston area also have the Neon Pink Swiftly Tank, so it is available in the US.

Nothing interesting, except to note that prices for t-shirts continue to rise. Why? The designs aren't special.

OT, but anyone have any experience with tikki Hot Pants? The designs look great, but I'm hearing mixed reviews with regard to sheerness and the happiest people seem to be very slim. I'm 5'9", 150, so I'm wondering how the experience has been for people wearing size medium or large. Do they stay put? Are they sheet? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate all the pictures you post LLA and it's always nice to see what else is out there not in our stores yet. I like the poseidon Sole Training s/s and hope it's not too short. I would like to add a few more tops with uv protection. I don't know why they have brought out another midnight navy swiftly but this one with black. They have done this with 2 whites and 2 greys that look identical so I can't understand their reasoning to do this. I am disappointed to see neon pink in the swiftly tank, it would be nice to see a lighter shade for spring and summer. Lole spring line has a really nice pink so I am planning on buying a few pieces in that colour.

LisalisaM1 said...

LLA, I'm just curious, besides the $10 price difference is there a reason you wouldn't want to purchase WU pant in radiant rose and just use free hemmming option to get the cropped length? I was thinking of doing that with a print in WMTM.

Anonymous said...

I love textured luon, I'm hoping Lululemon comes out with a lot of new wunder under high rise tights in it. Is it brushed on the inside?

Miss kyla said...

Curious if the navy with black dot swiftly had less shine

Anonymous said...

Oops - this is anon @2:18. I meant "teeki" not "tikki". If anyone has experience with this line, I'd appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I know we've been talking about this for more than a year now, but the product continues to disappoint. I know they don't care about function or detail anymore, but I wish they did. This may be the first year in 8 that I don't spend a single dollar in Lulu. I know I'm not the only one.

Anonymous said...

lisalisaM1 -

I know my store will not hem pants into crops because it changes the actual style of item and isn't "basic hemming". There are several stores now that will not do this from what I've heard. So that's unfortunately not really an option sometimes.

Your Sweat Muse said...

LOL they NEVER make bras for us D gals.

Anna said...

I'm a size 6 in Lulu pants. Got Medium in Teeki. They are quite sheer on me ( need to wear nude undies) and fade a bit around my muscular thighs.The waist is also quite loose for my liking. Size small was perfect in the waist, but very sheer around the bum. Hope this helps.

LuluAddict said...

@LisalisaM1 - I know people have done that before but I never have. I usually try not to have anything changed from the "original factory setting", mostly because it's an OCD thing, and also because I'll have to disclose it when I go to sell. Paying $10 extra is a factor, too.

@ anon 10:43 pm - no, not brushed on the inside.

@Miss Kyla - yes, the color was flatter, I'd say.

@anon 7:35 am - I agree. You can tell the push is on to lower manufacturing costs. It's a shame. The level of detail and function is what made me such a loyal customer.

@Your Sweat Muse - I know but I can get away with a few like Energy Bras and the Strap It Like It's Hot when the armpits aren't too low, the material isn't too stretchy, and the straps are decently supportive. When they're not then things start spilling out the side.

Anonymous said...

I do! They are wonderful put they do slide, I either wear pair of shorts over them or wear them for spinning class or yin yoga. Too tigjtbaround the ankles too.:--( I'm 6', 150 pounds

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anna. That helps!

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:18 - I once ordered and promptly returned a pair of teeki leggings due to pretty obscene sheerness. I'm a size 6 LLL, ordered a medium. It's too bad, because I really love their prints.

Anonymous said...

Totally off topic but was hoping LLA or one of you lovely ladies could help me out?? I do not have a Facebook account but am searching for a pair of "skinny will" bottoms for seasons gone past:( Wondering if anyone out there can help me find a pair directly or indirectly. Thanks so much to everyone.LuluDel

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your feedback on teeki, anon @10:52 and 7:01. I think I will order the darker pair I have my eye on and keep my expectations low because of the sheerness. If I have to return them, then I will.

Anonymous said...

The Hazy Days print is a nice texture! The pants would probably be too hot for me to workout in, but I wouldn't pass them up on MD!

Radiant Rose WU Tights were really nice! Even though backed in white, they didn't stretch to white and I don't have slim thighs!

Anonymous said...

the poster who mentioned Teeki hot pants, I have several of them I am 120# 5'-3" narrow hips. I use them for Ashtanga yoga, I think they are awesome especially if you are doing a lot of bending twisting and back bending. I wear a size small, I love the designs. they do stretch and pill a bit with wash and wear.
The light colors may be sheer if you have a bootie. I tried them for more impact workouts and they rode down.