Tuesday, January 17, 2017


The only item we haven't seen uploaded elsewhere before - Huddle Vest with 700 fil down. It also comes in white.

Astro Blue Back to It Crew in cotton fleece.

Classic Navy Energy Bra.

Teeny Check Free to Be Tranquil Bra

Heathered Black Inspire Tight

Hot Like Agni Crop. The text says these are made of mesh so I am really curious to see them in person.

Hot Like Agni Pant

Hot Like Agni Singlet. I kind of like this but will wait to see it in the store.

Hot Like Agni Bra. The bra has the same striped material but it says it's made of luxtreme with a mesh overlay. However, I can't see any mesh in the close up photos of the bra.

Teeny Check Cerulean Wunder Under Pants

Teeny Check High Times

Darkest Magenta CRB II. I wish this was a CRB 1.

Darkest Magenta Pace Rival Crops

Darkest Magenta Speed Shorts

Filtered Orange Speeds

Fast and Free Teeny Check. The write says these bottoms are made of nulux but I suspect these are luxtreme.

Dark Olive Go Lightly Backpack

Nothing for me today. I seem to be on an Athleta kick lately. I just got my Powervita Salutation crops in the mail today and immediately tore the tags off.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice they have messed with the fit of the hotty hot shorts? Like they did with the speed shorts? They now pucker out from the sides and feel lulu is "hiding" this by having their models stand with their arms on the sides to cover this on the stock pics. Not cool lulu :( I have returned some of the most recent ones for this reason.

Unknown said...

How did you like the new Powervita? Is it a naked sensation like the Aligns? I bought a pair of Aligns for Christmas and have worn them twice... they're already pilling. Looks like they'll be going back. So disappointed with LLL.

LuluAddict said...

I think they are meant to be a direct challenger to the Aligns. The fabric feels a lot like it except less rubbery - I find nulu has a weird rubbery feeling - and cooler so I think it breathes better. It's a very soft fabric. It might be a bit thicker and slightly more compressive than nulu. I like the side seaming on the crops better, too - it's very flattering. And, the price is right - $69 vs. $88. The fabric content is 75% nylon / 25% lycra spandex. Nulu is 81% nylon / 19%lycra. I think they are definitely worth trying. I took some photos in bright sunlight and and a bend and could not tell I was wearing purple underwear underneath so they're nicely opaque.

dogrunner said...

What color power vita did you get? I have been eyeing them up too....I love lulu but so so so sick of hero blue. Would you mind doing a review on the power vita once you wear them??

LuluAddict said...

@dogrunner - the black ones. I am definitely planning a review once I do a workout in them.

Anonymous said...

Athleta has completely stepped up their game in the last year for sure! There is so much that I want from there now vs from Lulu. I like that they still do very technical stuff but then have a completely separate line of to-and-from athleisure instead of trying to meld the 2 together.

Anonymous said...

can anybody tell me the "fit" with the teeny check- are they tighter, looser, etc? same as regular luxtreme? etc thanks

Anonymous said...

I got the same black powervita Salutation Crop! They are definitely similar to the Aligns, but I find the fabric to be less cottony (so maybe less likely to pill) and to have a bit more compression. The are opaque and very soft. I wore them to hot yoga today and was very impressed. They didn't slide down and the waistband didn't bother me. They are slightly slippery, but for the price I am excited to buy more. I am also really impressed with Athleta's body-positive marketing, commitment to women's causes, use of eco-friendly fabrics, and super easy returns.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:43 pm - they are textured luxtreme and very stretchy so a bit looser than regular luxtreme and a lot looser fit than full on luxtreme.

@anon 4:45 pm - thanks! Good to know they work well for hot yoga. I always felt on the warmer side when I've tried on Aligns. I want to try them at the gym tomorrow for some cardio. My gym seems to be on the warmer side so that is my benchmark for how breathable a fabric is.

Samantha said...

I'm liking the darkest magenta speed shorts. Hoping those fit well and I can sell my bruised berry speeds that are a little too big on me.

Ashley said...

Lulus prints have left a lot to be desired this season. I am hoping spring has more color and less drab print options

okollusion said...

Well because of you mentioning about the Powervita and the dialogue on here comparing it to the Aligns, I immediately went on their site and ordered the navy leggings with spots and stripes. Aligns have been my envy for the past year, but the reviews about pilling scared me. I was willing to take the plunge this weekend if non came up on WMTM because I just wanted one that badly, but saw this post and took my first Athleta plunge. Wasn't sure what size to get from them since I'm a 6 in LLL, but went with the small and cant wait to see what happens.
Your reviews and even more so - the commentary below - is much more valuable than you may think ;)

thank you

Anonymous said...

The fast and free teeny check tight are in fact Nulux, not Luxtreme.

Anonymous said...

I am spending more and more of my budget on Athleta lately. Over the winter, it was jackets/vests, but I also got a few high neck chi tanks (love!) and some trousers that I forget the name of but will look great in the office as well as for traveling. They were all on sale + additional 20% off. Love their sales. Love their staff. Love their policies. Love their products. Love that catalog with the elder yogi on it! My leggings collection is insane at the moment, though, so I haven't tried the powervita. But I do love the feel of the fabric.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:19 pm - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Completely agree! Im from australia and its cheaper for me to buy Athleta ha ha! I love that their pieces are either to fro OR workout. Street leggings with seams, belt loops and deep convenient pockets are so much better than lulu and their mesh. Go athleta!

Anonymous said...

Love my new Powervita Athleta pants. I got the navy 7/8 length and the first workout in them was awesome. They are soft, but have a bit of compression. I am an 8 in LLL and got the M at Athleta. If I were a 6, I'd get a small. The waist band is super comfortable and didn't roll down at all (like my high times do).