Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Lots of new Strive Multi/Black items in Pace Rivals, Speed Tights, Inspire Tights, Wunder Under Pants, Fast Lane Bra, Free to Be Zen Bra, Energy Bra, and Speed Shorts. I am not loving this print from the photos but everyone has been oohing and ahhing over it so I ordered the Pace Rivals to try.

New luxtreme and mesh Cadence Crusher Singlet in Hero, White, and Black. I love these types of tanks so I ordered the Hero.

New luxtreme Cadence Crusher Hoodie in White, Black, and Deep Indigo. I don't have too much of a need for a top like this so I'm going to pass for now, especially at the $118 price point. I'd much prefer a luxtreme half zip, or even better, a brushed luxtreme half zip.

New Cadence Crusher Bra. It looks a bit low in the armpit, otherwise I'd order it to try.

Cadence Crusher Tight

Frozen Fizz Reflective Speed Tights.

Very pretty Swiftly LS and Tank (tank is in CAN only for now) in Indian Ocean. I'd like a short sleeve in this.

Tiny Geo Run It Out Tight

Score Jacquard Indian Ocean Run It Out Tight

Frozen Fizz luxtreme WUCs

Indian Ocean Fast Lane Bra

Emerald LS

Astro Blue Power Y

Astro Blue Throw and Go Tote

Darkest Magenta Race to Place cap. I am super tempted by this one but I already have a ton of hats I don't wear.

Reflective Frozen Fizz Race to Place Cap

Did you get anything today?


Unknown said...

I got the LS swiftly in the new color. I'm not crazy for the new print. My 12 yr old wants some speeds.

Unknown said...

I'm not loving the black contrast on the new strive multi print. It's too sharp a contrast for me. Don't love the black waistband on the speeds, altho my shirt would cover it. The inspire tights just don't look good with all that black contrast. I though about the pace rivals, but theres the black again. I may try them in the store.

OT, I wanted to splurge and order the splatter print reflective speed tights and when I checked on Sun or Mon, they only had size 8 available, when all sizes had been available right after Christmas. Where did they go? I don't like the fizz as much.

Anonymous said...

Polar Pink Run Times shorts. The only thing I have bought from Lulu in the past few years is this style in various colors....

Anonymous said...

@ Courtney I am sure they will show up again, I have seen a lot of that lately and the sizes always comes back. I ordered the new swiftly in LS, saw the tank in store and it's very vibrant in person. I have so many swiftly tanks I don't need another but wear a lot of long sleeves in our Ontario climate. If/when the SS comes out I might pick that up too.

Laura said...

The strive print is pretty in real life, and the appeal to me is how many colors you can wear with it. You can't tell from the pictures as well, but there are a lot of different colors in there, so its very versatile.

CatepillarInTraining said...

I'll grab some of the new print when it goes on MD- all of these prints where they make EVERY item end up going to WMTM so I'll just grab whatever is left, i think it's cute enough to own an item in but I'm not picky about what I get lol.

emily said...

I went to my store to look at the new print. I tried on the Inspire Tights. The mesh was really itchy. I have other capris/tights with mesh that don't bother me. I also didn't care for how thick they were. The compression is great, but I feel like I'll be hot.

I also tried on the Fast Lane bra. I felt like the sides came up so high that I would get chafing on my arms. It could be that I'm short-waisted, but I felt like the top was too close to my armpit. Otherwise, I liked the fit and support. I did need to size up from my normal Energy Bra size. I'm not sure if that's because I've put on some weight or if it's just the bra style.

LuluAddict said...

@emily - I've tried on the Inspire Tights many times and find them itchy in the mesh insert, too.

Anonymous said...

Saw the strive print in person and i'm not a fan. It looks like something I'd see in the Ivivva store actually. I just wonder if the draw to it is that there's finally something with color after all the boring black, black, more black, gray and white.

Sherry said...

LLA- how did you like the cadence crusher singlet? Tts? Loose-fitting?

LuluAddict said...

@Sherry - I didn't get it yet. I haven't even gotten my WMTM CRBs I ordered last week. They're taking the scenic route from Ohio, I guess. >:{

Sherry said...

'Scenic route' lol! Hope you get your packages soon,