Thursday, January 12, 2017

Simply Bare Tank, Cadence Crusher Tank, and More

Simply Bare Tight, Tank, and Bra

Cadence Crusher Tank, Simply Bare Bra (I think), and Score Jacquard Indian Ocean WUPs

Oho-La-Lace Wunder Unders. This is from a European store.

Ombre Space Dye Black Coal Wunder Under Pants

Brushed Get Ready Jogger, Simply Bare Bra, and Kick the Cold Jacket


Anonymous said...

Not really bowled over by the clothing but I did notice the idiocy of the top sets of pics. Because we always wear snow/cold type boots whilst wearing a tank top outside and carry a jug of whatever that is. This eyeroll moment brought to you by unrealistic store photos. Seriously, just take a nice photo inside or put a sweater over and leave it open to see the tank underneath. The jug of beer or whatever that is she is holding isn't needed either.

Serendipity said...

The Ooh-la-lace WUs aren't currently available in the U.S., right? Do we expect they will be?

Anonymous said...

I chuckled at the curation of these photos as well... But in all fairness, there are lots of places that hold "yoga and a pint" types of events. A yoga class at a brewery followed by sampling the beer. Perhaps these ladies attended one of these events and liked the beer so much they decided to purchase a growler!