Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Simply Bare Tank, Bra, Tight, and More

lululemon simply-bare-bra-tank-tight rising-salutations-sweater
New Simply Bare Tank, Simply Bare Bra, Simply Bare Tights, and Rising Salutations Sweater.

lululemon simply-bare-tank high-times
Simply Bare Tank and Score Jacquard Black Indian Ocean High Times


She Who Weaves Words said...

At this distance, the score jacquard high times looks lovely.

Lisa said...

I wore the Simply Bare Tank in Denim Blue with just a VS sports bra and I really loved it; it's flattering, soft and I love the coverage. It is not sweat wiling by any means but I'm not sure it suppose to be. I loved it so much I got it in the pinkish color as well.

Anonymous said...

Okay completely OT but THERE ARE 105* SINGLETS ON THE SITE ON WMTM!!!!!! Thought you ought to know.

Anonymous said...

Same anon as before who was geeking out over the 105 singlets. I looked at them more closely before buying them (thank god)--they don't have the cute scalloped edges, they aren't silverescent... They look cheap. The colors are from like 2014/2015. They're cute colors, but given how cheaply made they look online... I didn't end up ordering them. They seem to have taken off the "F" and are branding them as similar tanks. If you search 105 F it still pulls up results (albeit sold out results), but 105 singlet pulls up these. Very strange.