Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In-store Photos: Huddle Vest, Hot Like Agni Bra, and More

Huddle Vest. (Thanks to Ms. K. for her photos.)

Hot Like Agni Bra. I still can't make out the fabric makeup from this photo.

Astro Blue/Filtered Orange Free to Be Zen Bra

Filtered Orange Free to Be Zen Bras

I am obsessed with the Frozen Fizz Iced Gray/Black yoga mat.


okollusion said...

Am I Seeing this wrong or did they decide to so all out with the see through-ness in the Hot like Angini Crop/pants? I couldn't even tell on the website it had this much sheerness. Its cute, but I'm worried this is more like a pantyhose kinda thing. Would really love to see a great shot of the bum area or hear more about it.

Unknown said...

So funny about the Frozen Fizz yoga mat..my friend has it and I was right next to her in yoga today saying I've gotta get one!!!!

Anonymous said...

I do not care for the vest. Regardless of the fill, it is very generic compared to what was put out in the past. Thankfully I have two vests from the prior 3 years.

I like the combo of astro blue and filtered orange but I don't like that bra; prefer the FTBW and FTB. I like the hot like agni bra from appearance but will have to try it on in store. Not sure I'm willing to suck up $62 for it though.

Anonymous said...

I do like Astro Blue and Filtered Orange combo as well! Just waiting for Astro blue bottom ( either pace rivals or Luxtreme HT) and Orange tank like PisercY or CRB

pilatesmom said...

I have the frozen fizz mat and I love it. Super adorable. And another bonus - it doesn't show scuffs/sweat/wear any where near as much as the plain ones!