Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hot Like Agni Singlet, Crops, and More

Hot Like Agni Singlet and Crops.

Back to It Crew. I like this a lot better on this woman than the website model.

Simply Bare Bra and Tight, with an Embrace the Space Jacket.

I think this is the After Asana Wrap. Also shown is the Rising Salutation Sweater and Shibori Wunder Unders.

Embrace the Space Jacket with the Simply Bare Bra and Tight.

Indian Ocean Swiftly. I think it looks a bit light in these photos compared to real life.


Anonymous said...

It looks like the mesh is knitted into the pattern on the Hot Like Agni Crop. I assume the bra and other Hot Like Agni styles are the same. We shld be able to tell that on the website. Maybe I just missed it.

Anonymous said...

I love the Embrace The Space jacket (in white!). I already have the Insculpt Jacket and Insculpt Vest and getting heaps of use from them both. I hope they come here to Australia.

Anonymous said...

All I can envision with the high waist pants and the long line bra is the chunk that will pop out inbetween. Haha. I hate high waist stuff.

Thinking the reason that crew looks better here is because she has her hands in the pocket pushing forward so it doesn't look so boxy and plain. Still not liking it regardless. Just like a basic sweatshirt I can probably find somewhere else for a 1/4 of the price

Anonymous said...

it's 9:59pm again...was just in the store. the mesh is knitted into the pattern on the Hot Like Agni Crop and bra. Makes for a very thin, lightweight crop. That can be a good thing. Can also be a bad thing, as it is also quite sheer. However, the crop does have a double layer that is the size/shape of the wunder under short, but in luxtreme, so you can't see your butt when you bend over.

Saw the $298 reflective speeds in the store in the frozen fizz pattern. I really liked then, altho I would have preferred the previous pattern. I like the effect, even in daylight.

anon@4:16am, just a heads up the spacer fabric in the Embrace the Space Jacket is different from the spacer fabric in the Insculpt. The newer one is lighter, softer and more supple.

Anonymous said...

I love the color "indian ocean"....... that is it! All the other colors are drab and boring....... I've noticed that they have not done a pretty "aqua" in years..... It is actually hard to find this color anywhere.... it is so pretty to me...... all retailers do "mint" but not a true aqua! Just my observation!!!!