Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Gear Up Crops, Oh-La-Lace Wunder Unders, Hot Like Agni Singlet, and More

 Hot Like Agni Singlet and Tights

Free to Be Tranquil Bra and Hot Like Agni Tights

Teeny Check Fast and Free Tights and Fresh Tracks Half Zip

Note the Gear Up Crops in the middle. Definitely check them in a bend. I found the blue ones I tried on last week were on the sheer side. 

Polar Pink Cool Racerback II and Score Jacquard Polar Pink Gear Up Crops

Get Ready Jacket, Gear Up Crops, and Double Tap Bra

Embrace the Space Jacket

Hot Like Agni Tights and Singlet

Hot Like Agni Singlet

Oh La Lace Wunder Under Pants - these are hitting North American stores now. They're nulux ans $128.

Embrace the Space Pullover and Hot Like Agni Tights

Hot Like Agni Tights and Simply Bare Bra

Rising Salutation Sweater and Simply Bare Tights


Anonymous said...

the simply bare bra material is really buttery, the price is out of control.
Now lulu's prices are higher than Sweaty Betty and others.
I have not looked or shopped at LULU in at least 3 weeks, can't believe that they are still doing the awful mesh fabrics.


LuluAddict said...

@M - Athleta's Powervita material feels just as good, if not better, as nulu to me. And the price is sweet - $69 for their crops. You're an instructor, right? So they give you 30% off instead of lulu's measly 15%. I refuse to pay more than lulu prices for workout gear, from any brand. I just bought the Athleta version of the Swiftly - the Finish Fast LS - which is $64 and has a zipper pocket for my keys. I couldn't resist the one that Purple Paradise one that looks a lot like Bold Blue. The material is a nylon/lycra blend - definitely worth checking into. I decided to give their tops a try since people said they snagged less than Swiftlys.

okollusion said...

@Luluaddict I just got my Powervita leggings in today and haven't taken them off. Oh my! They are awesome! Feel is smooth and barely there - warm to the touch. The waist stays up and high-rise is perfect! I got them because you mentioned them a few posts back. Definitely winning with these <3

okollusion said...

Also, I definitely want the Agni Singlet. Even after trying it on in store. Felt necessary to size down in it as my regular size would be too wide in the armpits.

LuluAddict said...

@Okollusion - Nice! Glad they worked for you.

tri like mary said...

Is Athleta available in Canada? With the US dollar and the cost of shipping, not to mention the hassle of ever having to return something I'm wondering if it would still be such a good deal? I live in a border city and could ship it to my UPS box but then there's the hassle of going over, cost of tolls, cost to pick it up, etc.

Wondering if I'm missing something - like I've been missing the sweet Ebates money all this time!