Friday, January 27, 2017

Gear Up Bra, Crop, Tank, and More

Gear Up Bra and Crops

Gear Up Tank

Gear Up LS

Get Ready Jacket and Inspire Tights

Top: Gear Up Crop, LS, and Bra. Bottom: Gear Up Crop and LS with and Energy Bra.

Hot Like Agni Singlet and Tight with the Embrace the Space Jacket.

Hot Like Agni Singlet

Fast and Free Tights

Flux Wunder Unders and Energy Bra.


Anonymous said...

I don't care for the bomber cut of the Embrace the Space Jacket, but it is CRAZY soft. Very, very different from the Insculpt (which is nice in its own way).

Anonymous said...

Ouch those $128 Wu's against that tree!

Anonymous said...

Batwings on the Gear Up L/S...why??????

Anonymous said...

I like batwing, it's refreshing after all the same cut L/S tops. The only thing that's stopping me from purchasing it is that I don't like Hero blue, I think it looks cheap and generic. I also have tons of tops in black and white. If it was offered in heathered black or slate I would be all over it

janine57 said...

That's what I thought! Never!

Anonymous said...

I really like the multi flux blue WUP and bra, but I don't think I would reach it enough to justify the price tag. I have been staking WMTM and have stock up in CRBs, speeds and a few other older pieces and am quite pleased with them. Have also grabbed a few things this season from Ivvia as luckily I can fit in their largest size.

I loved your review of athletica LLA, wish they had a Canadian website!!