Monday, January 30, 2017

Australian Spoilers

lululemon radiant-rose-wunder

lululemon radiant-rose-wunder

New print called Radiant Rose in the 17" Wunder Under Crops.

lululemon poseidon cool racerback
Poseidon CRB II

lululemon olive-swiftly

lululemon flash-light

lululemon white-swiftly

lululemon heathered-white-swiftly
Swiftlys in Dark Olive/Black, Flash Light, White, and Heathered White (okaay).

lululemon squad-goals-crop

lululemon squad-goals-crop daisy-dusty-alpine
Squad Goals Crop in Heathered Black and Daisy Dusty Alpine. 

lululemon light-lava-energy bra
Light Lava Energy Bra

lululemon run-times-white
White Run Times Shorts


Anonymous said...

I like the Radiant Rose print on longer crops/pants or speed shorts.

Unknown said...

I hope Radiant Rose comes out in Canada tomorrow! Loving the look of that print and I normally stay away from prints.

LuluAddict said...

It looks really similar to the print they used on those special edition Lucent pieces that came out last March: I kept waiting for the tank to hit markdown but it never did. I think they would go well together.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving that print too! 17" crops, woohoo! No more hemming to avoid baggy ankles for me :)

She Who Weaves Words said...

I think it's a cool print! But my legs are way too long for that length to not look odd. I'm 5 foot 10 and all of it is my legs.

Anonymous said...

Lol at the Heathered White.
I do like the print a lot too.

Unknown said...

the print is slowly growing on me....I'm so sick of jacquards & splatter so this looks pretty good. This print reminds me of the posey black white pattern that was released before.

gordonsgrl said...

I'm petite with 5'3" and 29" inseam but these 17" hit right in the middle of my defined calf which means they will slowly (or quickly) move up my calf to right below my knee. Nope - this does not work at all!

Anonymous said...

The placement of the rose petals in the crotch is quite bold.

CatepillarInTraining said...

i hate the length of the new crops. I'm 5'11" and they all end up in my knee and the chafing/bunching behind the knee causes real issues. I tried on the new speeds this week in store and they were basically crops on me as well. I am really disappointed that lulu seems to be taking the fabric off of the bottom of their pants and putting it on the waistband.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:19 am - lol. I thought when I saw the photos - you might have to do some cherry picking so you don't end up with a flower on your ladyflower, lol.

@CatepillarinTraining - I agree and I'm not even that tall, only 5'5". Those shorter crops are kind of nice when you're standing in the dressing room and then you actually wear them for something and they end up bunched behind your knee. I have some older run crops that are like that - run for your life and pace crops - always bunch up on me.

Anonymous said...

I sold my Run For Your Life and Mod Moves Crops because while I absolutely LOVED them, they'd end up right in the middle of my kneecap or above my knee after about 10 steps and it was very uncomfortable, not to mention looked ridiculously stupid. I'd spend my entire run yanking them down. These running crops will be the same. *sigh* That's okay, pace rivals work great and are actually a decent crop length on my long legs. I'll just keep buying those (if they'll ever release colors worth buying) till they decide to discontinue them as well.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:03 am - Right? They are dribbling out new Pace Rival prints and colors so slowly I fear it's on the chopping block, too. They're my favorite pant, too.

Anonymous said...

Love the pace rivals too, hope they stay around.
Rose was in Canada stores this morning but didn't love it enough to buy it. Not even close.
Has anyone else noticed all the Lulu stores starting weekly running groups? Can't snark on that, glad to see it.
Also, UA missed sales targets last quarter, no kidding. UA still just doesn't get it. Lulu is out to lunch so often but they still have decent pockets and drawstring in the pants.