Friday, November 11, 2016

Outrun LS and More

Black Cherry Outrun LS and  Heathered Black High Times.  Dang, I like the looks on these pants.

Think Fast Hoodie, Sleet Sprinter Jacket, Sculpt II, Fresh Tracks Tights, and More

Black Fresh Tracks Tight and Think Fast Hoodie. I had a Canadian friend send me this hoodie last year and it's soft and thick and cozily warm. I saw this top in the store yesterday and it feels like the same tops as last year.

Space Dye Camo Black Think Fast Hoodie. My store had this yesterday but was sold out in my size. The rulu felt nice, though.

Sleet Sprinter Jacket and Fresh Tracks Tight. I tried the jacket on yesterday. I thought it was ok but not nearly worth $248 plus tax. 

The new Sculpt II tank, shown with the Fresh Tracks Tights. I tried the Sculpt II on yesterday and didn't like it. It fits snugger through the abdomen/hips than the previous version. I also liked the mesh upper back and open keyhole in the Sculpt I.

Run for Cold Vest, Jacket, and Pullover. I tried the vest and jacket on last week and liked them a lot but would only get them at an attractive markdown price.

Black Cherry Mantra Scarf

Work the Circuit Tank. I started to try this on last week but the bra was too tight and I bailed out of having to struggle to get it back off.

Scuba IV. I tried this on yesterday in Black Cherry and found it fit snug through the armpits/shoulders /upper arms. The material was also thin.

Plastic zipper pull on the Nocturnal Teal Define. Booooooo!

Plastic zipper pull on the Scuba IV.

Get Low Muscle Tank. I found the armpits way too low for my comfort zone. Also, the cheap unfinished  edges on the armpits pissed me off. I detest unfinished edges.