Friday, October 7, 2016

Conduit Crop, As You Like Bra, and More

Moonlit Magenta Swiftly LS, Down for a Run Vest, and Darkest Magenta Inspire Tights. Love this combo. 

Rush Hour Jacket, Conduit Crops, and CRB II. I tried the Conduit Crops on and found them very silky. Unfortunately, they were rather sheer in the front - the backside is double lined - so I left them at the store. 

Conduit Crop tags.

Conduit Tank and Crop.

I tried on the Conduit Tank the other day. I love the silverescent mesh material but I found it too long to use for running when it's untied - it comes down below the crotch on me - and I didn't care for how it looked when it was tied. I couldn't use the untied version for bootcamp either because we do things like burpees and down dog and loose tops always ride up to my chest during these moves. I though the fit was TTS.

From a European store - As You Like Bra and Shibori Wunder Unders.

Color Comparison: Jet Set Blue vs. Limitless, Poseidon, and Rugged Blue

lululemon color-comparison jet-set-blue poseidon-limitless-rugged-blue
I bought the Jet Set Blue Define the other day. It reminded me of old-school lululemon and was a total nostalgia buy - a richly saturated color made of nice, thick luon. Here is it compared to Poseidon, Limitless, and Rugged Blue. I hope we are getting some more pieces in Jet Set. I'd love a CRB1 in this color.