Tuesday, October 4, 2016

HK Spoiler - Jet Set Blue Swiftly LS

The only spoiler of note - Jet Set Blue Swiftly LS. So pretty!

Conduit Crop, Conduit Singlet, Boom Bloom Wunder Unders, and More

Conduit Crop, Darkest Magenta Conduit Singlet, Boom Bloom Free to Be Zen Bra and the City Bound Hoodie.

Boom Bloom Chartreuse Wunder Unders and Free to Be Zen Bra.

Brave Olive LS Love Tee, Digie Pixie High Times, and Mantra Leg Warmers

Muscle Swing Tank, Align Pants, and Mantra Leg Warmers

City Bound Hoodie, Greyvy Aligns, Love Tee, Mantra Leg Warmers, and the Mantra Toque.

City Bound Hoodie, Military Green Align Crops, and Mantra Leg Warmers


Luxtreme Wunder Unders in Boom Bloom Chartreuse, Boom Bloom Beach Blanket, and Brave Olive Pencil Lace.

New Pace Rivals in Sapphire Antique Paisley and Scatter Star Beach Blanket.

Sun Seeker LS in Shocking Blue and Black. I love UPF tops for my climate so I ordered the blue.

Sun Seeker SS - this looks like the same color as the LS to me but they call it Beach Blanket.

Conduit Singlet in Darkest Magenta, Brave Olive, and Black. I love silverescent circle mesh so I ordered this in the purple and black. I suspect I won't love the slit in the back but in case I really liked it I wanted both colors.

Moonlit Magenta Swiftly tops.

Moonlit Magenta Sculpt Tank

Moonlit Magenta CRB II. I wish this was a CRB I.

Tweed Runner Shocking Blue Wunder Under Crops

Tweed Runner Aurora Wunder Under Pants

Tweed Runner Free to Be Bra.

Scatter and Pencil Lace Tracker Shorts

Conduit Crop, Tight, and Short.

Love Tees in Brave Olive and Darkest Magenta.

Locarno Sleeveless Turtleneck

Beach Blanket Swiftly SS

City Bound Hoodie

City Bound Turtleneck

Embrace the Space Pant

Digie Pixie High Times

Darkest Magenta Studio Pant

Darkest Magenta and Brave Olive Pencil Lace Inspire Tights. I hope Pace Rivals comes in both these colors.

Coco Pique Vinyasa Wrap. I've read a rumor that there will be no more regular Vinyasas coming, only the Wrap version.

Mini Boom Blue Beach Blanket Blue Energy Bra (CAN)

Pretty Jet Set Blue Free to Be Wild Bra

I am so tempted by this - Jet Set Blue Define Jacket.

Jet Set Blue Fast As Light Short, Hotty Hot Skirt, and Wunder Unders.

Fall Net Outrun Tight

Free to Be Zen in Chartreuse Bra Boom Bloom 

Contour Tank
Free To Be Zen Silver Bra

Hazy Heathered Define

Mantra Beret

Did you get anything today?