Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Nonstop Jacket, Rhythm High Times Pant, and More

lululemon nonstop-jacket rhythm-high-times

lululemon nonstop-jacket rhythm-high-times

lululemon nonstop-jacket rhythm-high-times love-tee
Love Tee, High Times Pant Rhythm, and Nonstop Jacket

lululemon city-bound-ls rhythm-high-times
Rhythm Pant and City Bound LS


There are a few cute things in this upload but most are so plain and generic that if it didn't have a lululemon logo on it, you'd never know it was from that company. It used to be I could tell at a glance if something was a piece of lululemon - by the print, color, fit, and detailing - but this stuff is just too generic. Costco workout clothes have more personality than this stuff.

Midnight Bloom WUCS finally showed up in the US. I wouldn't have minded the high waistband but I can live with the regular.

Deep Fuschia Free to Be Tranquil Bra. I am tempted by this but I am hoping an Energy Bra is coming in this color.

Essential Rhythm Pant

Essential Rhythm Crop

High Times Pant Rhythm. Cute but the mesh goes too high for my comfort zone.

Essential Rhythm Bra. Cute enough but pricey at $68.

Love Tee and Yogi Racerback in Modern Stripe.

 Diffusion Run Times

Diffusion and Sapphire Paisley Tracker Shorts

People are liking the new Ponte Trek Pants.

Wander Pant, made of some mysterious four-way stretch, sweat wicking material and priced high at $118.

City Bound LS - so blah. There is nothing special about this top. If it makes the model in blue look busty god knows what it will do for people who are busty. 

New Get Low Mesh items. I ordered the black scoop tank since mesh is my Kryptonite but now that I am not looking at it on my phone it looks like it might be too sheer.

Sattva Sweater. Cute enough but I am not a merino fan.

Super plain Nonstop jacket. Nothing about this jacket says "lululemon" to me, which is a shame.

Rite Times Dress. This is just terrible.

Did you get anything today?

Update, I can't get over how bush league this new stuff is:

Contrast the mesh Get Low LS with the Mesh with Me LS from last year:

Mesh with Me LS

Rhythm High Times, City Bound LS, Sattva Sweater, and More

New rulu City Bound LS ($98) and High Times SE *Rhythm ($118). Also shown is a Free to Be Tranquil bra.

Sattva Sweater and Teenty Tooth Wunder Unders.

Deep Fushcia Teeny Tooth Define, Chilled Grape Power Y, and Teeny Tooth Wunder Unders.

Rush Hour Crop and Tank and Midnight Blooms Free to Be Tranquil Bra.

Funky orange Metal Vent Tech hoodie.

In-store photos of the City Bound LS.

New Trackers.

Nonstop Jacket, $148, made of Swift.

Sattva Sweater, $148. This is made of Merino Wool.

New Wander Pants.

City Trek Ponte Pants.

Essential Rhythm Bra, $68. Thanks to Ms. K. for all her photos.