Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chilled Grape Outrun Tight, Circuit Breaker Bra, and More

lululemon chilled-grape outrun-tight split-hoodie speckled
Speckled Black Split Hoodie and Chilled Grape Out Run Tights

lululemon circuit-breaker-bra wunder-under-green spray-jacquard

lululemon-circuit-breaker-bra wunder-under-green spray-jacquard

lululemon circuit-breaker-bra wunder-under-green spray-jacquard

lululemon-circuit-breaker-bra wunder-under-green spray-jacquard

lululemon wunder-under-green spray-jacquard

Spray Jacquard and White Circuit Breaker Bra and Deep Green Spray Jacquard Wunder Unders.

lululemon yin-time-ls locarno-ls

lululemon yin-time-ls locarno-ls
Bordeaux Yin Time LS and White Locarno LS.

HK Spoiler - Midnight Bloom Run All Day Backpack

Oh man, this is so stinking cute. I really, really like this.


Link for the upload here.

lululemon tonic-sea energy-bra

lululemon tonic-sea energy-bra
Sorry for using screenshots from my phone but it seems to take the website forever to catch up to the app. Pretty new blue called Tonic Sea in the Energy Bra and Ta Ta Tamer. This reminds me of a paler Angel Blue. I ordered the Energy Bra.

lululemon alberta-lake yogi-racerback
Alberta Lake Yogi Racerback. I ordered this one, too.

lululemon true-red maze-tracker
True Red Mini Maze Run Time Shorts

lululemon fast-as-light 2-in-1 tank bordeaux
We got the new colors in the Fast As Light 2 in 1 tank. Bordeaux Drama shown.

lululemon spray-jacquard cool-racerback-ii

lululemon free-to-be-zen spray-jacquard

lululemon free-to-be-zen spray-jacquard

lululemon define spray-jacquard

lululemon define spray-jacquard

lululemon power-y spray-jacquard

lululemon pace-rival spray-jacquard
Spray Jacquard items - Power Y, Free to Be Zen Bra, Define Jacket, Power Y, and Pace Rival Crops.  This print does nothing for me. I have read it has a texture to it so I'm curious to see it in person. It's in US and Canadian stores now.

lululemon pace-rival maze-jacquard

lululemon pace-rival sapphire
Jacquard Maze and Sapphire Blue Pace Rival Crops.

lululemon maze-jacquard wunder-under-crop
Maze Jacquard Wunder Under Crops. I've heard these are pretty thick. I am not loving them from the photos but a lot of people seem to be liking this print.

lululemon teeny-tooth-high-times
These interest me a little - Teeny Tooth High Times. They remind me a lot of Coco Pique but I'd want to feel them in person to see if they are warm. Anyone see them in person yet?

lululemon circuit-breaker-bra
Circuit Breaker Bra in Spray Jacquard

lululemon free-to-be-bra maze-jacquard
Free to Be Bra in Maze Jacquard

lululemon chilled-grape-swiftly-ss
Chilled Grape Swiftly SS

lululemon chilled-grape-scuba
Chilled Grape Scuba III

lululemon chilled-grape-tracker-iv
Deep Fuschia Tracker Shorts

lululemon deep-fuschia wunder-under
Deep Fuschia Wunder Under Pants

lululemon aurora

lululemon deep-green-tee
Heathered Aurora and Deep Green Run Around Tee

lululemon true-red wunder-under
Maze True Red Wunder Under Pants

lululemon maze-jacquard wunder-under
Maze Jacquard Wunder Under Pants

lululemon spray-jacquard wunder-under
Spray Jacquard Wunder Under Pant

lululemon deep-fuschia fast-times
Deep Fuschia Fast Times Bra. This is geared for C/D ladies. I might order to give this a try. Anyone see it in the stores yet? Update - I just noticed this bra is priced at $68. I'll wait to try this in the store.

lululemon be-present-scarf

lululemon be-present-scarf
Be Present Scarf in Trax Jeweled Magenta and Black and White.

lululemon paisley
I wonder if this is the same paisley we saw in the sneak peek video - Mini Antique Paisley.

lululemon muscle-swing-tank stripe
New color in the Muscle Swing Tank.

lululemon deep-green-tote
Deep Green All Day Tote

lululemon dusty-mauve essentials-tank
Canada got the Dusty Mauve Essentials Tank

lululemon pink
Canada also got a Heathered Raspberry Glo Light Swiftly Tank.

Did you get anything today?

Green Spray Jacquard Wunder Under Pants

lululemon circuit-breaker-bra green-spray-jacquard-bra
Circuit Breaker Bra and Green Spray Jacquard Hi Rise Wunder Under Pants

My manager has told me that jewel tones are on the way for fall.

Circuit Breaker Bra, Spray Jacquard Out Run Tights, Ultraviolet Run Around Tee, and More

lululemon circuit-breaker-bra out-run-tight spray-jacquard

lululemon circuit-breaker-bra out-run-tight spray-jacquard

lululemon circuit-breaker-bra out-run-tight spray-jacquard
Sapphire Circuit Breaker Bra and Spray Jacquard Outrun Tights. I'm not a huge fan of these spray paint type prints, the combo of the light and dark areas tend to give me extra lumps and bumps.

lululemon out-run-tight spray-jacquard cool-racerback-ii
Spray Jacquard Wunder Unders, Outrun Tights, and Cool Racerback II.

lululemon spray-jacquard cool-racerback-ii circuit-breaker-bra
Spray Jacquard Cool Racerback II, Circuit Breaker Bra, and Dropt (I'm not sure) Pants.

lululemon muscle-swing-tank

lululemon muscle-swing-tank
Muscle Swing Tank and Peek High Times. I tried this tank on last week and really, really liked it. It came to nearly below my rear.

lululemon baller-cap
Bordeaux Baller caps (thanks to Ms. K. for the photo).

lululemon ultraviolet-run-around-tee

lululemon ultraviolet-run-around-tee
Run Around Tee in a pretty new purple - maybe Ultraviolet? That price is eye-popping, though. Thanks to Ms. K. for the photos.