Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sunaway Runaway Half Zip, Beat the Heat LS, and More

Sunaway Runaway Half Zip, H20 Energy Bra, and Reach the Beach Shorts.

Beat the Heat LS

Rosewood LS Swiftly and Kayak (I think) SS Swiftly

Lots of the stores have been posting photos of men's stuff this week but I like the especially, er,  informative photos the Westport Store posted the best. :D

My Pop Cut Boom Juice Multi Pace Rivals arrived today, a day early.  I was thinking I'd probably return them but the full on luxtreme in these feels really good. They're backed in white but I had little to no fade in them. The material is also matte and I have a top in every color in the print to pair with them. I didn't expect to like them on but they're actually rather flattering. If you were on the fence about these, I'd say order them and give them a try.

Lace Camo Cool Racerback

lululemon lace-camo-cool-racerback
Europe has a new Lace Camo Cool Racerback. I think that's a Rosewood LS Swiftly with it.

lululemon lace-camo-cool-racerback
It also comes in Bali Breeze.