Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Deep Sea Speed Wunder Tight

Deep Sea Speed Wunder Tight and Compassion Tank. I just checked and these are sold out in 10 & 12 on the US side. Just sold out in 12, right now, on the Canadian side. Update - weird, now the pants are showing full stock.

Hero Blue Sculpt Tank, Refresh Maxi Dress, and More

lululemon refresh-maxi-dress

lululemon refresh-maxi-dress-black

lululemon refresh-maxi-dress black


lululemon refresh-maxi-dress

lululemon refresh-maxi-dress

lululemon gray refresh-maxi-dress
The Refresh Maxi Dress didn't get uploaded to the US website but it is in US stores.

lululemon hero-sculpt-tank gray-align-pant

lululemon hero-sculpt-tank gray-align-pant

lululemon hero-sculpt-tank gray-align-pant
Hero Blue Sculpt Tank and Battleship Align pants.


New style tight called the Speed Wunder Tight that are a cross between Wunder Unders and Speeds. The new print is called Deep Sea. I ordered to try them. I am a sucker for tie dye and ombre fades. I hope they come in Pace Rivals, though.

Deep Sea and Mini Ripple Energy Bra H20

Mini Ripple H20 Free to Be Bra

Deep Sea All Sport Bra

Strappy Back One Piece in Deep Sea

Desert Olive Swiftly LS. I am debating getting this.

Sunaway Runaway Half Zip in Boom Juice, Mini Ripple, Tofino Teal, White, and other colors. This was tempting to me but I'll wait to see it in the store.

Sunaway Runaway SS

Suns Out Rashguard in Mini Ripple and Pop Cut Fatigue

Double Gradient and Pop Cut Fatigue H20 Speed Shorts

Pop Cut Fatigue Festival Bag. This is tempting.

Cute little Sun Times Pouch.

Wee Space Jet Crops

Laser Cut Inspire Tights.

Mindful Wrap

Neon Pink Run All Day Backpack (CAN)

Mini Ripple Desert Olive Tracker Shorts

Mini Ripple Boom Juice Luxtreme High Times

Palm Camo Stuff Your Bra (CAN). The US got a lot of new colors in the SYB, too.

Pop Cut Fatigue Reach the Beach short.

Space Dye Camo Gray Wunder Under High Rise. This color is super soft.

Tidal Pipe Dream Blue Speed Track Short

Shift Happens Bib Short

Rosewood Leader of the Pack bike short.

Shift Happens Jersey

Leader of the Pack Jersey in Boom Juice and Black.

Refresh Maxi Dress

Just the tights for me today. Did you get anything?

Update - Oh yeah, forgot to post this - the new landing page. Very nice.