Friday, May 6, 2016

Mail Day: Run All Day Backpack

lululemon run-all-day-backpack pretty-lace-print

lululemon run-all-day-backpack pretty-lace-print
A reader asked for a review of the Run All Day backpack so I took a bunch of photos for you.

lululemon run-all-day-backpack pretty-lace-print diversity-bag go-lightly
Size comparison to the Diversity bag and a Go Lightly bag.

lululemon run-all-day-backpack tag

lululemon run-all-day-backpack tag

lululemon run-all-day-backpack tag
All the features on the bag.

lululemon run-all-day backpack
Reflectivity on the bag - a strip across the front pocket and dots inside the front pleat.

lululemon run-all-day backpack
Looking inside the front pocket.

lululemon run-all-day backpack water-bottle-poacket
Side (water bottle?) pockets are luxtreme with a bungee to secure items.

Top flap zipper pocket.

Chest strap gel pockets.

Phone pocket on right side. If you don't have too bulky a case it will fit an iPhone 6+/6S+ but you might have to wiggle it in.

Bottom belly strap. A number of website reviews talk about losing this so if I keep this I plan on removing it and putting it in one of the zip pockets.

Looking inside the bag. It's lined in Rosewood.

It comes with a shoe/wet bag. These bags are my favorite parts of lululemon bags.

Plenty of room for my iPad in the interior.

Because I have such a bulky case around my iPad it doesn't fit in the actual iPad pocket.

It even fits my 13" MacBook Pro! I was not expecting that. My husband's MacBook Air, which is a little longer and wider also fits fine.

Plenty of room for both my iPad and MacBook.

You can put a hydration bladder in the back and run the drinking tube through the strap.

Top loop.

I didn't think this backpack was going to fit my laptop which probably would have meant I wouldn't keep it. However, it seems to fit it handily with room to spare so it's looking that much more attractive to me. It's such a cute little backpack I might not be able to resist it.

New What We Love

lululemon trinity-tank
A decently cute tank but I can tell this bra will not work for me.

lululemon trinity-bra

lululemon yogi-everyday-ls
This looks pretty cute. I hope the fabric is thicker.

lululemon foil-manifesto-tofino-teal wunder-under-crop

lululemon wunder-short-5"