Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Blurry Belle Real Quick Tights, Gather and Spring Jacket, and More

Gather and Sprint Jacket and Blurry Belle Real Quick Tights

Lilac What the Sport SS, Kayak Free to Be Wild Bra, and Blurry Belle Wunder Unders

Deep Zinfandel Align Tights, Lilac Energy Bra, and &Go Endeavor Tank.

Lilac Var City Tank and Seven Wonders Tracker Shorts

Making Moves LS and Tights

 Making Moves Tank, Tight, and Bra

Making Moves LS, Blurry Belle Wunder Unders, and Deep Zinfandel Flow and Go Tights.

Rio Nights Speed Shorts with a Faded Dot Bruised Berry CRB


lululemon blurry-bell wunder-under-crop

lululemon blurry-bell real-quick

lululemon blurry-bell essentials-bag

lululemon blurry-bell energy-bra

lululemon blurry-bell power-y

lululemon blurry-bell boogie-short
Lots of new Blurry Belle pieces: Hi Rise Wunder Under Crops, Real Quick Tights, Essentials bag, Energy Bra, Power Y, and Boogie Shorts. I am tempted by the Wunder Unders.

lululemon blurry-bell inkwell ready-and-go-tank

I am very tempted by the Inkwell Ready and Go tank. This sold out in Canada pretty quickly.

lululemon lilac skirt

lululemon lilac ta-ta-tamer

lululemon lilac enhearten-tank

lululemon lilac salute-the-sun-singlet-ii

lululemon lilac swiftly
Lilac Time to Shine Skirt, Ta Ta Tamer, Enhearten Tank, Salute the Sun Singlet II, and Swiftly SS.

lululemon pretty-prism pace-rival-crop
Canada got Pretty Prism Pace Rival Crops. I ended up returning the Pretty Prism Speed Crops I ordered a couple of weeks ago. They were pretty but didn't look good on me.

lululemon making-a-move-jacket

lululemon making-a-move-tank

lululemon making-a-move-crop

lululemon making-a-move-short
Making Moves Bra, Jacket, Tank, Tights, and Shorts.

lululemon black-swiftly
The Black Swiftly Tank is on the US side. This actually happened last Thursday.

lululemon blurry-belle-high-times battleship
Blurry Belle Battleship Wunder Unders

lululemon chain-link-zinfandel precision
Chain Link Deep Zinfandel Precision Jacket

lululemon deep-zinfandel-cool-racerback
Deep Zinfandel Cool Racerback. I ordered this.

lululemon deep-zinfandel-tranquil-crop
Deep Zinfandel Tranquil Crop

lululemon gather-and-sprint-jacket

lululemon gather-and-sprint-jacket
Ultra Violet Gather and Sprint Jacket

lululemon lakeside real-quick-tight
Lakeside Blue Real Quick Tight

lululemon pleat-to-street-skirt-ii
Pleat to Street Skirt II

lululemon red-grape-comfy-as-sweat
Red Grape Comfy As Sweat Pant

lululemon run-times-samba
Samba Snake Run Times Shorts

lululemon wave-twist-lilac-caspian-high-times
Wave Twist Lilac Caspian High Times

lululemon kayak-swiftly-ls
Heathered Kayak Swiftly LS

lululemon love-tee
lululemon love-tee
Aquamarine and Parallel Stripe Deep Zinfandel Love Tee

lululemon free-to-be kayak
Kayak Free to Be Bra

lululemon cyber-fox high-times
Luxtreme Cyber Stripe White Fox High Times

lululemon cruiser-skirt

lululemon cruiser-skirt

Cruise Short

Just the Deep Zinfandel CRB for me. Did you get anything today?