Monday, April 11, 2016

Making Moves LS, Blurry Belle Wunder Unders, and More

lululemon making-moves-ls blurry-belle-wunder-under-crops
Making Moves LS and Blurry Belle Hi Rise Wunder Under Crops. This is from a US store.

lululemon seven-wonders-sculpt-tank hero-pace-rivals
Seven Wonders Sculpt Tank, Hero Blue Pace Rival Crops and Baller Cap.

lululemon ready-and-go-tank
Lilac Ready and Go Tank, Var City Crops.

lululemon lilac-swiftly-ss posey-real-quick-crops
 Lilac Swiftly SS and Posey Real Quick Crops

lululemon deep-zinfandel flow-and-go-tight
Lilac What the Sport SS and Deep Zinfandel Flow and Go Tights

lululemon precision-jacket deep-zinfandel-wunder-unders

lululemon precision-jacket deep-zinfandel-wunder-unders

lululemon precision-jacket deep-zinfandel-wunder-unders
Precision Jacket, Yogi Racerback, and Deep Zinfandel Wunder Under Pants.

Australian Spoilers

Deep Zinfandel and Caspian CRBs. I'm going to need the Deep Zin for sure.

Pure Practice Pant. I like the black ones.

Lilac True Self Bra

Pure Practice Bra

Samba Snake Power Y

Blurry Belle Essentials Bag

Blurry Belle Flow Y

Lilac Salute the Sun II Tank. This is in US stores now.

Deep Zinfandel Rulu Make a Move LS.

Rulu Making Moves LS

Kayak/Hero All Sport Bra

Lighten Up Tank

Enlighten Tight Contour
Samba Snake Pace Rival Crop

Samba Snake Wunder Unders

Seek the Heat Crop

Wrap It Up Sweater

Done Your Asana Pullover