Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Seven Wonders CRB, Jungle Wunder Unders, and More

Deep Zinfandel Align Pants and Lilac Energy Bra

Seven Wonders Cool Racerback, Black Define, and Endeavor Shorts.

Var City Tank and Crops

Pistachio CRB and Seven Wonders Speeds

Jungle Wunder Unders and Var City Tank

Spring Break Away Short and Trapeze LS

Samba Snake Var City Crops and When You're Cold Wrap


So many goodies today!

Rio Nights Speed Tights, All Sport Bra, and Sculpt Tank. I would like Rio Nights in a Strap It Like It's Hot Bra but I think we won't be seeing those until they make another batch of them.

Seven Wonders Print Sculpt Tank, Rack Pack, Pace Rival Skirt, Wunder Unders, Speed Short, Tracker Short, Cool Racerback, and Dash and Splash Cap.

Blurry Belle Cool Racerback, Speed Short, and Time to Shine Skirt. I ordered the Cool Racerback. Stick a flower on something and I am there.

Canada got the all three black Swiftly tops uploaded today - tank, SS, and LS. US stores have the tank but didn't get them in the upload. I really like the LS lilac Swiftly but not a big fan of the stripes in the tank.

I'm really jealous that Canada got the Var City Muscle Tank today. However, the Var City tank is in US stores. It's also exciting that it now comes in a 12.

Deep Zinfandel Define Jacket, Flow and Go Crops, Groove Pants, Studio Pants, Flow and Go Tight, and Wunder Under Pants.

Cover Me LS Samba Snake UPF top. I am not a fan of this style UPF top.

Jungle Green Energy Bra, Street to Studio Crop, Rack Pack Bra, Boogie Short, and High Times.

 Lilac Sculpt Tank and Tracker Shorts.

Var City Crops

Sit in Silence Scarf Lilac Pretty Pyramid

Canada got a White Baller Cap.

Windy Wash Extra Mile Duffel and Run All Day Backpack

So many pretties today, what did you get?