Thursday, March 24, 2016

What We Love Up Early This Week

lululemon &-go-when-you're-cold-wrap
The wrap is in Canadian stores already and is $168.

lululemon &go-swing-trench


lululemon deep-zinfandel-high-times
It looks like lululemon gives their employees a four day weekend over Easter so Katelin put WWL up early this afternoon. There is nothing that we haven't already seen released in other countries. I know the &Go Swing Trench created a bit of stir when the spring sneak peek video came out and if you need more details about it, check out the Hong Kong website. It seems weird that Deep Zinfandel is out now. I checked the Spring and Summer Pantone palettes and egg plant purple is not on it. Maybe a random roll of fabric was found. It looks like my wallet is safe again this week baring some surprised.