Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Late Add to the HK Upload

lululemon capoeira-multi-wunder-unders

lululemon capoeira-multi-wunder-unders
No way I missed these earlier. New Capoeira Multi print in Wunder Under Pants and Crops. 

Studio Pant III vs. II

lululemon studio-pant-iii comparison-t- studio-pant-ii

lululemon studio-pant-iii comparison-t- studio-pant-ii
Studio Pant III (left) vs. the Studio Pant II
Ms. K. was nice enough to forward me her try on photos of the new Studio Pant IIIs. The leg is noticeably narrower than the previous version.

The waistbands look the same. (Thanks again to Ms. K. for her photos.)

Hong Kong Spoilers

lululemon boom-juice rain-on-train-on-pullover

lululemon boom-juice rain-on-train-on-pullover

lululemon white rain-on-train-on-pullover
Rain On Train On Pullover made of water-repelling luxtreme, in Boom Juice, Black, and White. The hood detaches. 

lululemon boom-juice cool-racerback
I wonder if this is the same Boom Juice Cool Racerback from last summer. That one was terribly thin and I returned it.

lululemon boom-juice salute-the-sun-tank
Boom Juice Salute the Sun Tank

lululemon boom-juice wunder-under-pant
Boom Juice Wunder Under Pant

lululemon boom-juice-cyber-stripe wunder-under-crop
Cyber Stripe Boom Juice Wunder Under Crop

lululemon make-a-move-ls

lululemon make-a-move-ls
Red Grape Make A Move Rulu LS

lululemon make-a-move-tank

lululemon make-a-move-tank

lululemon make-a-move-tank
Make a Move Tank

lululemon make-a-move-bra

lululemon make-a-move-bra
Make a Move Bra

lululemon red-grape-align
Red Grape Align Pant

lululemon run-all-day-backpack alarming
Run All Day Backpack in Alarming

lululemon alarming-high-times
Alarming High Times

lululemon boom-juice-align
Boom Juice Align Pant

lululemon minty-pink bring-it-backbend-sweater

lululemon minty-pink bring-it-backbend-sweater
Bring It Backbend Boolux Sweater in Minty Pink

lululemon inkwell-make-a-move-tight
Inkwell Make a Move Tight

lululemon stretch-it-out-crop

lululemon stretch-it-out-crop
Stretch It Out Crop

lululemon boom-juice-make-a-move-short
Boom Juice Make a Move Short


lululemon align-pant boom-juice
Boom Juice Align Pant

lululemonboom-juice energy-bra

lululemon boom-juice energy-bra
Boom Juice Energy Bra

lululemon boom-juice flow-y
Boom Juice Flow Y

lululemon boom-juice-what-the-sport-ss
lululemon dashing-purple-what-the-sport-ss

lululemon chalk-what-the-sport-ss
Boom Juice, Red Grape, and Heathered Chalk What the Sport SS

lululemon dandy-digie-what-the-sport-ss
Dandy Digie Multi Free To Be Wild Bra

lululemon free-to-be-bag

lululemon free-to-be-bag
Dandy Digie Multi Free To Be Bag (CAN)

lululemon free-to-be-bag
Red Grape Free to Be Bag (US)

lululemon dandy-digie short
Dandy Digie Porcelaine Tracker Short (CAN)

lululemon stop-at-nothing-crop peacock-space-dye-twist
Stop At Nothing Crop Space Dye Twist Peacock/Naval Blue

lululemon shifted-horizon wunder-under-crop

lululemon shifted-horizon wunder-under-crop
Shifted Horizon Wunder Under Crop Red Grape Black. I'm not a fan of this print.

lululemon red-grape-studio-pant-iii
Red Grape Studio Pant III. The leg looks narrower.

lululemon red-grape-in-flux

Red Grape In Flux Crop

lululemon battleship-in-flux
Battleship In Flux Crop

lululemon red-grape-aligns
Red Grape Aligns

lululemon white-run-times
White Run Times Shorts

lululemon boom-juice-define

lululemon lakeside-blue-hero-blue triometric-stripe
Boom Juice and Triometric Stripe Lakeside Blue Hero Blue Define (US)

lululemon heathered-black all-sport-bra
Heathered Black All Sport Bra

lululemon red-grape-bordeaux-stripe love-tee

lululemon sprinkler-stripe love-tee
Sprinkler and Sugar Cane Stripe Red Grape Bordeaux Love Tees (US)

lululemon twisted-dune-alarming run-times
Twisted Dune Alarming Black Run Times Shorts (US). Boo on all these Nike-ish new prints! 

lululemon runderful-ls white-silver-space-dye-camo
White Silver Space Dye Camo Runderful LS (US)

Noting for me today. I'm a little tempted by the Boom Juice Define jacket but it's such a bright color. I'm not sure I'd wear it that often. The Boom Juice What the Sport is a little tempting, too, but I really prefer the mesh fabric in that top.  Did you get anything today?