Sunday, December 18, 2016


lululemon tech-mesh-wunder
Tech Mesh Wunder Under Pants in Hero Blue and Black. A surprise upload today but I guess it makes sense since it's getting to be crunch time when it comes to making deliveries in time for Xmas.

lululemon ombre-wunder-under
Ombre Wunder Under Pants. I am tempted by these but the $128 price is outrageous.

lululemon inifite-crb
SE Infinite Cool Racerback, priced at a wallet-busting $68. I don't get whats so SE about this. I can't tell if it's an embossed design or more of a silicone appliqué. Either way, the $20 bump is not justified.

lululemon mini-cinder-wunder-under

lululemon mini-cinder-wunder-under
Mini Cinder Lace Wunder Under Pants. There is a green version of this print that I like better but it's only in shorts right now.

lululemon mini-cinder-both-ways
Mini Cinder Both Ways Bra. My store finally got this in a 12 now so I got to try it on last week. Unfortunately it's made for B/C ladies so it just pushed my armpit and back fat up and out. The elastic at the bottom is less then half the width of the band, too, so it's not as supportive as it looks.

lululemon mini-cinder-free-to-be-tranquil
Mini Cinder Free to Be Tranquil Bra

lululemon mini-cinder-tranquil
Mini Cinder Tracker Shorts. I like the smaller version of this print better.

lululemon swiftly

lululemon swiftly
New "heathered" print in the LS and SL Swiftly. I like these print Swiftlys but the black is a blah color and for the jacked up prices it needs to be a really unique color for me to get it.

lululemon fizz-crb

lululemon line-up-crb
Frozen Fill and Line Up Print CRB IIs. When are they throwing in the towel on the new design?

lululemon fleece-to-be-true
Fleece Be True Crew. See you on WMTM.

lululemon fizz-scuba
Frozen Fizz Scuba IV

lululemon park-cinder-short
Really like the teal version of this print - Mini Park Lace Hotty Hot Shorts

lululemon on-track-bra
New On Track Bra in Astro Blue. I'm not sure why the new bra styles got so ugly lately. They were on a roll with cute new bras like the Free to Be Tranquil and then it turned into a bunch of Brutalist architecture-inspired bras, complete with the blah color scheme.

lululemon shatter-weave-inspire

lululemon shatter-weave-pace-rivals
Shatter Weave print Inspire Tights and Pace Rival Crops. I'll wait to try these PRs in the store. I've been on a teal bottoms kick lately.

lululemon laser-wunder-under
SE Laser Cut Wunder Unders

lululemon heathered-black fit-physique

lululemon heathered-black fit-physique
I checked the other countries but the only item of note I found was this new color in the Fit Physique Crops in Heathered Black from Australia.  I like the Fit Physiques a lot so I'll probably get these when they land here.

Nothing for me, did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

I got new Pace Rivals, Ombré WU, Tech mesh just to try , and new lace print WU. Couldn't use Apple Pay check out through Ebates which sucked

Anon said...

Pace rivals with colour! Want want want! Fingers crossed they bring them to Aus!

Anonymous said...

You are right that the Fleece Be True Crew will end up on WMTM along side it's twin sister Yes Fleece. What's with replicating designs and slapping a new name on it?

I feel the same LA about the new Swiftly but not in heathered black. The UK has this print in heathered jet blue which I would like if it crosses the ocean before next spring. The Scuba lll in deep green is nice but I just bought the Emperor Blue so I am good for now. Nothing to temp me in this drop.

GratefulMama said...

I am trying to order the tech mesh WUPs and 4 Vinyasa wraps but my order won't go through. I gave up on Apple Pay, never got my $25 gift card for my last purchase anyways, but regular checkout won't work either.

Called ed center but she couldn't help me because I'm trying to use the 25% off promotional R&D discount. It can only be used one time. I'm so frustrated.

Anonymous said...

I like the laser cut WUPs, but not the hem. I realize it's a trend, but it looks like your calf is getting a wedgie. Can't understand it, but it seems like another trend Lulu can't resist. Eh, more money to spend at K-Deer.

I'm slightly disappointed. I wanted to watch the sizes clear out on the tech mesh WUPs, but they're still fully stocked. It's not a look I can pull off - and I think few can - so I won't be buying, but I thought it might be a fun throwback to see something new actually sell out on release night. Doesn't happen much now. And, of course, I know that we all complained about under production and the new regime understood that FOMO only does so much and it's a good idea to actually make as much product as you can sell, but somehow I'm still gauging a product's success by whether or not it sells out.

Anonymous said...

Re the timing of the upload, I think it's way too late. Most people I know who celebrate Christmas finished their lists/hints/online shopping a week or two ago. Sure, there are last minute shoppers, but I think you probably have to order today or tomorrow to be sure of a Christmas delivery, so all the special goodies should have been available for a few weeks already.

Anonymous said...

The only aspect I like is the Astro Blue colour but that's too much bra for me.

I like the LS Lace patterned Swiftly but I don't need to buy it. I have one that is similar/better from a few years ago, also in heathered black. It is solid with zero snags and is one of my most reached for items. I also have two other SS swiftlies in floral pattern from a few years ago too, one a nice blue and one a deep purple. These swiftlies have always been my favourites.

I do not care for the Cinder Lace pattern. It looks awful in the shorts. Walking out in your underwear, yeah?

What is this abominable Fleece Be True Crew? One of the saddest, most dumpy articles of clothing ever!

Irrelevant at this point I know to complain about more mesh.

Anonymous said...

Ok, why Mini Cinder and Mini Park at the same time?
And again, no winter toques?

Anonymous said...

Got the ombré WUP. The price is absolutely ludicrous... so I will have to be completely obsessed with them not to return them when I get them.

Anonymous said...

Bought the ombre WUP. I've been buying only yarn dyes these days in WUP (vs prints and solids), as they don't seem to pill and are stretchier than solids. They better look great in person of they will go back.

Looked in my local store today...they did not receive yet. GE said sometime this week. I'd rather not taking a chance. My gut says they will sell out relatively quickly....maybe I'm wrong.

SW24 said...

I'm not sure how they think this is in time for Christmas.. AND the website says order by the 21st and get it by the 24th.. I wouldn't hold my breath for that. I live in Quebec, and it always takes at least 8 days from time of purchase. Usually a full 48hrs to process my order and then shipping is five or six business days.

Anonymous said...

Australia got a fake upload today - they updated the front page of the site, but nothing on the "what's new" page is actually new. We also haven't had anything added to WMTM for weeks.

Not sure what's going on, or if we will ever receive any items that are not grey/black/white...

Anonymous said...

I agree the timing for Christmas is not good at all, I am done shopping - I needed the update a week ago! However, last year I had heard that they had deliveries at house within days... I assume they have up leveled the service to cater to their guarantee.

kellidotca said...

They use two-day shipping this week.

Anonymous said...

I live in WA and if I order on Tuesday I usually receive my order on Thursday as long as it's shipped from Sumner. But it takes 7 days if they ship from Ohio

LuluAddict said...

@kellidotca- the one time I got two day shipping from LLL it took two days for it to leave the warehouse and then another two days in transit, so it ended up being the same 4 days it took to get to me anyway.

GratefulMama said...

Most of the time my stuff shows up in two days. I had a water bottle take almost 10, but that's rare. At least three times I've received stuff the next day, less than 24 hours. Once, I swear I ordered in the middle of the night before I got up for work, so like 3am, and it was there by the time I got home from work at like noon. I live in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

anyone else notice how the new ombre WUP is described as luxtreme on the UK site but luon on the US site? i'm interested to know which one is accurate, if anyone has seen these in person!

GratefulMama said...

They look like Luon to me, and all my other wee are from space wups and wucs are Luon.

Anonymous said...

I bought the laser cut wunder unders in black (one of my fave pair of pants, we will see if the new ones hold up to the quality of my old ones that have been well loved), as well as the tech mesh tights in hero blue as I already have black.

Excited about this upload, but the price hike upsets me.