Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Some new Pace Rival prints - Line Up and Suited Jacquard. I'm pretty sure the jacquard is textured but I like the Line Up print so I ordered them to try. Line up reminds me a little of the old Nesting Bird print. Update - Wow! I just checked my spreadsheet and I haven't bought a new pair of Pace Rivals since August!

The line up print is available in quite a few new bottoms: Mesh Hi Rise Wunder Under Pants (the website says these are luon but I'm not surethe print ones are luxtreme, the black are luon), Luxtreme Hi Rise Wunder Under Crops (I ordered these since I'm not sure whether I want this print in Pace Rivals or WUCs), Regular waist luxtreme Wunder Under Pants, and luxtreme Hi Times Pant.

Double Up LS. This reminds me of the Open Your Heart tops but I want to see them in the stores. I'd also rather have a scoop or crew neck instead of a turtleneck in these.

The Iced Wave/Iced Breaker WUPs intrigue me but I suspect they'll look like crap on me so I'll wait to try them at the store.

Black Midnight Tulle WUPS

Hi Rise Wunder Under Half Tight. These are interesting but I suspect they'll end up behind my knees most of the time. They'll probably be great for petite ladies.

Lab Night Wunder Under Pant

Stirrup Wunder Under Pants

Infinite SE Wunder Under Pants

Fit Physique Tank, priced at a rather eye-popping $68.

Fit Physique Tights

Fit Physique Crop

Fit Physique Bra

Hero Blue CRB II and Energy Bra

Cerulean and Hero Blue Scuba IVs

Double Tap Bra

Pricey Deep Indigo No Shivers Bomber Jacket

Inkwell Kick the Cold items.

I really like the Sit In Lotus sweater but I can't justify a merino top for my climate.

Life Lines Cerulean Tracker Shorts.

Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

Where is the tech mesh :(

Anonymous said...

Every holiday season I prepare to spend an embarrsing amount at lulu since the holiday stuff was so good. I think it's been 3years since I've been thrilled about the line. This year all I've purchased there is a scrunchie LOL

Anonymous said...

I hear ya....I called 3 stores in Canada as well...one on the east coast one in BC and one in between. They said they are being flooded with calls but do not anticipate ever receiving this item. Told me to keep an eye online :(

tamosaur said...

Where are all the cute designs that set lulu apart? Like ruffles and such :/

Anonymous said...

The Double Up LS remind me too of the Open Your Heart top but it really ticks me off when they don't give us any fabric detail. The Ciinch It tops last winter were a bust for LLL because they used such cheap thin material and all colours went to WMTM. I really like my Open Your Heart tops but refused to buy the Cinch It tops last year and if this Double Up LS is the same cheap material as last year well forget it.

Inkwell is one of my all time favourite LLL colours but I really do not like the Kick The Cold items and I don't wear Merino Wool so nothing for me this drop.

Anonymous said...

Why does every upload look virtually the same? More black/grey/white speckled print, and blues. So predictable. I loved all these colors until Lulu went into overkill with them.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping the tech mesh would be in today's upload. Well, my wallet is happy at least.

Anonymous said...

No wunder under pant hi=rise ombre??? In the past and during this time, LLL would download so many beautiful items that I could not decide what to get. These days I am just not feeling it. :(

Anonymous said...

So with you, anon @3:16 PM. Add to what you said boxy, boring cuts. It's all the same. I haven't bought any of the black and white prints, nor the teal or black cherry (because the designs were so bad). Someone's buying it and I'm glad for them, but I am bored to tears...

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:16 PM - precisely!

What a snooze fest! Pull up any upload in the past month or more and same, same, same. To think that the executives believe they can sustain and grow a business with this stuff is very, very laughable. Innovation? WHERE? Sorry, boxy cuts are not innovative, they're regressive. Mesh is just a way to cheapen the manufacturing and longevity of the item, still slap the logo on it and charge high prices.

And why did they produce a CRBii in hero blue when the much better CRB was already featured in hero blue in less than a year? I have the latter and I will never buy that POC CRBii.

Anonymous said...

Got the LLL email about the upload, deleted without opening. Saw what I needed to see via LLA and LLM blogs, nothing but boring, unappealing, overpriced clothing.

Got a Nike email after LLL's called "All Your Favorites. Now in Plus Size." Opened that one. Brava Nike. See this link:

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:40 pm - I am poking around the Nike website and I am seeing a lot of things I like, especially from the golf line. At least the Nike stuff has some style.

Juliana Sandberg said...

Need an angel please!
I live in Canada I would love a multi pixie WU crop.
Please e-mail me at ju.sandberg@gmail.com if you can do that for me :)

Thanks in advance!

J said...

Another spectacularly boring upload. Where is the color? I have more than enough hero/navy blue and bordeaux drama/plum stuff and don't need anymore. The "innovative" designs do nothing for me and leave me feeling uninspired. Lululemon is leaving me behind as it evolves. The holiday season used to be prime time for Lululemon, but other retailers are getting my holiday shopping dollars this year.

Anonymous said...

Re: Double up LS. Hm. I bought my Open Your Heart top w/o the turtleneck two years ago for $68. Now this iteration is $98. My paycheck didn't go up almost 40% in two years, that's for sure. I happen to like the loose high neck, it's very useful for the cold northern tundra where I live (ok, it's Toronto, but it's still -20 C with the windchill today). Will wait for a sale price (and I don't mean $8 off...)

Anonymous said...

I tried on the Double Up LS and it is a far cry from the Open Your Heart except for thumbholes on the Double Up. The fabric is cotton/modal and is very thin and kinda of scratchy. I was very disappointed with this top and I also had to size down to a size 4 for a proper fit. The online description says the Double Up has cuffins but it doesn't. The price for this top is way overpriced and because the fabric is so thin I don't think I would buy it on markdown which is where this will end up.