Tuesday, December 6, 2016


New items are on the website but scattered in the various categories. Pics and comments to follow.

Black/White Swiftly LS, SS, and Tank. People are saying they wished the colors were flipped.

Cerulean Blue CRB II

Cerulean Blue Hit It Crop

Cerulean Blue Sculpt II

Cerulean Blue Tracker Shorts

Hero Blue Outrun Half Zip. I might order this. I just bought the Hazy Heathered Gray/White Outrun but I like this better.

Ripple Jacquard Outrun Half Zip

Midnight Tulle Multi Wunder Under Pants and Crops. These are interesting but kind of close to my Deep Sea Speed Wunder Tights. I'll wait to see these in the store.

Slate Rest Less Pullover. I like this pattern a lot better than last week's.

New Run It Out Tights

Rest Less Hoodie

Luxtreme Hit It Tank in Frozen Fizz

Hit It Jacket in Frozen Fizz

Hit It Short in Capri Iced Wave

I can't remember if these are new or not - Iced Breaker WUCs.

Inkwell Fleece to Be True Hoodie.

Ripple Jacquard WUCs

Power Luxtreme Flow Y

No Shivers Bomber Jacket

Run It Out Short

Merino Sit In Lotus Wrap. I like this.

Hero Tight Stuff Tights

Run Times, Hotty Hot, and Speeds in the new Midnight Tulle pattern.

Free to Be and Free to Be Zen bra in Midnight Tulle Multi and Black.

Capri Spray Jaquard Rulu Vinyasa

Acadia LS

Tracker Short in "currents" print but it looks like the Ripple Jacquard pattern.

Fleece to Be True Jacket

No Shivers Neck Warmer

I'm going to order the new Hero Outrun LS. Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

Are the tech mesh not in Canada yet I can't find them

Anonymous said...

No @ anon 2:01PM

Anonymous said...

I like the Slate print on the Rest Less PO but not loving the fabric this year. There is a whole lot of nothing interesting again this week. I just can't get over all the grey, black and white and poor Hong Kong, they have 32 new items on their What's New page and every last pic is either grey, black or white, what a way to turn off customers the second they get on the page. Do we have to endure another year of Holman's designs?

Anonymous said...

Blue print is going to be on wmtm after xmas . The only item I might be potentially interested in is Sit in lotus wrap.

lulubell said...

I would have snapped up one of these new restless POs or hoodies if it was in a color, any color. I love the new pattern! Maybe if there's nothing else offered with this print and slate goes on MD, I'll buy.

Nothing for me, yet again, this week.

Yoginitiff said...

I just got the new restless PO in grey color. It's much softer than the earlier heathered black.

Anonymous said...

Really sad...nothing...nothing at all.

Potdevin, is your head in the sand??? You are not giving your core customers what they are looking for. You are so far off the brand, you may as well be a different brand. You are not the lululemon many of us fell in love with.

Unknown said...

I'm relieved I don't like any of this stuff. Too much Xmas shopping to do!

Nicole said...

I kind of like the WUP in Blocked (not pictured here) and the Restless Hoodie in Black

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:29 pm - I agree.

@ anon 2:01 pm - not yet.

@yoginitiff - I tried on the new rest less PO and zip ups last week and they're very soft.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the two tone swiftly.... Wouldn't it have made more sense to put the lighter tone up top (chest enhancing) and the darker tone below (tummy slimming). Instead chest appears small while tummy looks enlarged. Anyone at lulu have common sense or is it just group think gone haywire all over?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:39 pm - one would think. Idiots.

Unknown said...

Anyone know if US will get the tech mesh? Love the blue.

c w said...

the swiftly gradients are canada olympic leftovers? i got this gradient and the black/red gradient during the olympics on ebay. :X

Anonymous said...

I tried on the Sit In Lotus Wrap. The giant slit that runs up the back defeats the purpose of using merino wool fabric designed to keep you warm. I would only wear it the basic way, so the slit is a problem for me. I found it not particularly flattering from a fit standpoint. Easy pass, even on WMTM.

Amy said...

Thank you Anon 12/7 at 8:10 am. I didn't see the slit in the back until you mentioned it--but now I see in one of the shots of the light gray version. I guess they need it so you can wear it both ways. But that's not really functional because--as you point out--it does defeat the purpose of having a warm sweater (at least where I am, which is super cold!). You literally saved me from another return situation. Thank you!