Thursday, December 1, 2016

Upload! Plus In-Store Photos of the Fleecing Cold Pieces

Fleecing Cold Jacket

Fleecing Cold Pullover

Fleecing Cold Zip Up
 A handful of new items were uploaded today, including the new Fleecing Cold items which are already in stores. I saw these yesterday and have some in-store photos for you below.

 Outrun LS in Suited Print White/Black

The Rain is Calling jacket.

The website says the Fleecing Cold pieces are made of cotton fleece. This is wrong, it's regular polyester fleece:

The inside of the jacket.

The outside of the jacket.

Fleecing Cold Zip Up

My store only had the Pullover and the Zip Up. The Zip Up has a trapeze shape that ended at my widest part. The Pullover was nice but the ribbon finish at the bottom hem didn't stretch over my booty so that was a no-go for me. I thought both fit TTS and were nicely warm.


Anonymous said...

Grooooooss. Those are the most generic and dowdy looking pieces that don't even look like Lululemon. What is going on?!

LuluAddict said...

I know!

aliswanson said...

People on the boards seem to like this stuff. I do not. At. All. I have a couple North Face pullovers that are like this from a few years ago. Not bad, but not Lulu.

Anonymous said...

design + colour = BORING

Just what we need, more shades of grey, another black and white speckled print and a $198. rain jacket that is not rain repellant, has zero detail and lacks key features like thumbholes and removable/stowable hood.

Anonymous said...

I tried on the pullover and loved it- it's warmer than my Patagonia sweater that was more expensive. The fleecey inside is particularly soft and cozy. I wish it didn't have a hood, though. When it's zipped up the weight of the hood pulls on my neck and I feel like I'm being gently strangled.

Anonymous said...

I looked at the pullover but it just reminded me too much of something I could get from Columbia or North Face. just blah. I touched it, but had no desire to try it on.
I went to Athleta and tried on the Cozy Karma pullover instead. I loved it! They didn't have my size in purple (not black, grey, or any other color of night that was in today's upload) however for $20 cheaper, it's a much better value.
I will be looking at the outrun long sleeve though. I love the rush hour LS, and it reminds me of it without the band on the bottom. I can own all the colors! Very comfortable!

Anonymous said...

"Let's try to appeal to Lululemon's original fan base. How old are they now? They must be in their 40s and 50s, at least! What do people that age even wear?" Not this.

Anonymous said...

Patagonia ?

Anonymous said...

Yet another fail. Is anyone actually buying this stuff? It's awful.

Anonymous said...

I think lulu always had a small portion of items that followed the current fashion trend...most of these items usually had no resale value and ended up on wmtm....these days it is 100% and overpriced.....yes, it has a lulu symbol, but you can buy the same drab colour, synthetic feel, detail lacking, boxy unisex outfit in winners or Walmart for a fraction of a cost....I see some tryons on bst chat and the only reason it looks cute, cuz the girls are super fit.....the beauty of the older lulu was slimming feminine effect...

Anonymous said...

Listing as cotton fleece was a big mistake on LLL's part. Lost sales right there - the very few they might have gotten. I'll have to check out today, although I have zero interest in the shapeless bodies.

Is this more like a polar fleece or the better sweater from Patagonia (if you r familiar)?

Amy said...

POLYESTER! I'm sorry but putting 'cotton' online to advertising and delivering polyester is not good. Thank heavens for blogs!!!

LuluAddict said...

@anon 8:48 am - I know!! Cotton fleece means it's a sweatshirt, like a Scuba. Real fleece is another beast altogether. I am not familiar with Patagonia products so can't really tell. I'd call it a lightweight fleece.

@ anon 6:04 am - agree 1000% about the hood - it definitely pulls it back. I'd much rather it had a tall collar like the Post Chaturanga Pullover.

@ anon 6:13 am - the Oturun LS is nice. My store finally got them in. I wish the neck was a little more scooped and not so basic-tee like. I love my Alberta Lake Outrun Half zip.

@anon 7:27 am - do the college-age fans even wear these styles? They're very generic. They look way more mom-ish than previous lululemon styles.

@anon 8:37 am - yep, they've totally abandoned femininity, a giant reason women loved this brand in the first place. And it wasn't girly or overly sexy, it enhanced the female form. They need to get rid of Holman, imo. He's ruining the brand.

Anonymous said...

LOL, anon @7:27 AM!! Funniest comment I've read in weeks. Probably dead on, too, because the designers are way out of touch.

And yes, LLA, he's had enough time to establish a vision. Time for Holman to get the heave. Too few hits, too many generic products that all blur together ordered in huge quantities that are sure to swamp WMTM.

Anonymous said...

I don't dislike the fleecing cold jacket, probably because it's not too short, although I agree that the shape is generic. I will never understand why LLL designers think that people who live in cold climates with icy winds like to wear super short jackets for everyday use. I am though VERY upset about the misrepresentation of the fabric. This sort of mistake should not occur. There's a huge difference between cotton and polyester fleece. I do not buy polyester in any shape and form, because my skin reacts to it. In the winter I wear only cotton fleece. Polyester will get me electric shocks in the dry air of any heated place. Yes, me too, I'm so glad this blog exists!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:27 am - I totally mis-read your comment. I agree, the styles have gotten terribly matronly lately. I mean, I don't mind some extra room in the waist and arms and bras that are made for women bigger than a B cup, but these are terrible. If they really wanted to appeal to the original fans, they'd stop "innovating" old designs and just bring them back - cuddle up pants, Scuba IIs, original DSPs and DSCs, the original CRB. They'd also inject color back into the line. The real fans like color.

@ anon 8:06 am - they'll buy it on 40% markdown.

Anonymous said...

"Yet another fail. Is anyone actually buying this stuff? It's awful."
December 2, 2016 at 8:06 AM

"@ anon 8:06 am - they'll buy it on 40% markdown."
December 2, 2016 at 12:02 PM

LuluAddict, I totally agree, sadly this seems to be true. I am truly shocked at all the absolutely hideous stuff that has gone to WMTM lately and has been selling in all sizes and colours once it's been marked down.

Anonymous said...

I bought the pullover today and love it! It's SO warm!