Tuesday, December 6, 2016

UK Spoilers - 99% Garbage

lululemon tech-mesh wunder-under
Hero Blue Hi Rise Tech Mesh SE WUPS. This is the only item people are excited about, the rest of this upload is utter garbage. Holman needs to be fired ASAP.

lululemon fleece-to-be-true-crew
Fleece to be be True Crew. Why would any woman want to wear this?

lululemon fit-physique-bra

lululemon fit-physique-bra

lululemon fit-physique-bra

lululemon fit-physique-bra
Fit Physique Bra. Very uninspiring.

lululemon fit-physique-crop

lululemon fit-physique-crop

lululemon fit-physique-crop

lululemon fit-physique-tight
Fit Physique Crops and Tights. More mesh.

lululemon fit-physique-ls
Hero Blue Fit Physique mesh LS.

lululemon fit-physique-tank
Fit Physique Tank.

lululemon fit-physique-crop-top

lululemon fit-physique-crop-top
Fit Physique Crop Top. This is basically a sheer mesh bra you put over your sports bra. What a waste.

lululemon laser-wunder-under

Laser Cut Wunder Under in Ripple Jacquard Print. Whose brilliant idea was it to go to all black and white prints? They need to be fired.

lululemon line-up wunder-under-se
SE Wunder Under Pants in Line Up Print.

lululemon line-up-high-times
The Line Up Print also comes in fullux High Times. 

lululemon going-places-hooded-jacket
Going Places Hooded Jacket (from the HK upload)


Anonymous said...

I agree. It's all blah except the tech mesh and the tech mesh is just a repeat design from before Holman's time. Where are the feminine technical clothes with great colours and patterns? I don't want to look like a blah sack of potatoes.

Anonymous said...

LLA, couldn't agree with you more. They need to cull out this riff-raff at Lulu and take all the designers at Ivvia, give them giant raises and plunk them down in the lulu division. That model wearing the fleece to be true crew couldn't get any slimmer or lovelier and she looks 20 lbs heavier in that monstrosity. And the SE WUP in line up? Who's bright idea was that to put thick seams right across the lower buttocks! Just No!!!!! And I am starting to hate black and white prints and I have always loved them. Grrrrrr!!

Anonymous said...

You are right. Lulu has become lulupotato.

LuluAddict said...

Lol, lulupotato.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't care for Tech mesh pant. I think they look trashy. So for me this's zero appeal upload

lulubell said...

I laughed when I saw your title! It's all horrible.

I know people love the tech mesh and the hero blue is pretty, but it's not a style that's right for me. I've seen friends rock the look, I felt silly when I tried them on.

spicedchristea said...

What is with all the blah prints and the DISGUSTING big seams on these pants??????? The seams are killing me

LuluOhm said...

Garbage? Horrible? Please. People jump at the chance when the items hit WMTM.

Anonymous said...

Honestly? I would get the fleece to be true crew to have a warm, slouchy sweatshirt for when I have eaten too much and it's cold out, when I just want to lay around and drink hot chocolate, be cozy, and not care about how heavy I look, or when it's so far below freezing that I want to layer 5 or 6 shirts under another one. Reality is, I don't think it has thumbholes, which is a deal breaker for me, I don't want to spend a crap ton of money on something so I can feel heavy and pretend I don't care, and if I do want something like that, I will go to TJMaxx and get a shirt for $20.
If it goes on WMTM I would try it on, but doubt I'd buy it.
The word "mesh" makes me cold right now, and I don't need to buy in advance for summer. Plus, I feel black and white and blah enough during the winter, I don't need my clothes to make me feel even more so. I guess this upload isn't for me, either!

Anonymous said...

The tech mesh are garbage too, imo. I personally don't like them.

I have to agree with LuluOhm, though, that "people jump at the chance when the items hit WMTM". I know I've commented on this recently, but am truly shocked to see garbage like this(and worse) sell out in all the colours and sizes once it's been marked down, honestly can't believe it, especially after reading so many complaints about it before it gets marked down. I wouldn't wear crap like that if it was free and I was paid to. I'd rather wait until something amazing that I love and have to have comes along and put my money towards that and pay full price for it.

That being said, not everything that hits WMTM is total garbage and have found some things I like there (staples such as Swiftly tops and Define Jackets) marked down to a more reasonable price. Also, even the staples such as Defines and Swiflties are going to WMTM these days for more reasonable prices now that they've overpriced everything(overpriced as in even these staples are not truly worth the regular price), so not a bad idea to wait it out if it's not an actual *need*. I have nothing at all against waiting for a better deal, especially with these kinds of prices for this kind of stuff, but what gets me is that there are people willing to even buy LLL's most garbage items even on markdown, that is just hard for me to understand, like I said, especially when I see so many complaints about it to begin with. You either like it or you don't and if you don't why would you even pay a marked down price for it!? I just don't get that.