Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Nocturnal Teal Fast and Free Tights, Fresh Tracks Half Zip, and More

Fresh Tracks tech fleece half zip and Nocturnal Teal Fast and Free Tight.

Kick the Cold Funnel Neck. Shown with Iridescent Featherlight Tights and Midnight Tulle Wunder Unders.

Breeze By Muscle Tank and Fast and Free Nocturnal Teal Tights. I tried on the Breeze By the other week and liked the material a lot but the armholes were way too low and open for my comfort zone. If they tweak this style a bit or come out with another using the same material I'd consider it.

Fleece Please Pullover. This is the jacket that has a bit of a trapeze shape.

Rest Less Hoodie, Midnight Tulle Multi Wunder Unders, and the Run for Cold Pullover.

For the first time in forever, lululemon is offering gift boxes. About time! It always struck me as odd they never really had them at holiday time. Ages ago they had this brown cardboard envelope thing that had a big lululemon sticker as a seal but that is the only gift box I remember.

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