Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cerulean Blue Inspire Tights, Kick the Cold Funnel Neck, and More

I'm going through my back log of photos that popped up over the weekend: Kick the Cold Funnel Neck and Midnight Tulle Wunder Unders

Sit In Lotus Wrap.

White Run for Cold Jacket, Cerulean Blue Inspire Tights, and the Heathered Slate Rest Less Pullover underneath.


Anonymous said...

The outdoor pictures of the two doing stairs looks like a place I frequent a lot in Edmonton's river valley across from Fort Edmonton Park. Great pictures but I have to ask, why di we always see women dressed in warm weather cloths wearing mitts and ear warmers but then leave their ankles exposed? I would like to see how women really address this area that always seems exposed due to tights being too short. Does LLL not have socks that come high enough to cover this and if not, they should start making some nice colourful socks that keep the ankles warm since their tights are not doing the job. We do not run outside in cold weather, with snow on the ground with exposed ankles so please LLL show us a complete outfit that covers us from head to toe which includes the ankles.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:33 am - I thought the same thing about her ankles, and those Inspires have mesh panels on the calf. I can just imagine the wind cutting through that. I grew up and went to college in upstate NY. I clearly remember how biting cold winter wind can be. It's one big reason why I tend to reject any half zip that doesn't turn into a turtleneck.