Friday, December 23, 2016

Boxing Day Sneak Peeks - New On Track Items

lululemon on-track-singlet

lululemon on-track-singlet

lululemon on-track-singlet
Some new run items are showing up in store Facebook feeds - New On Track Singlet with a built in bra, On Track Tight, and On Track LS. I'm probably most interested in the long sleeve. From the Ann Arbor store's descriptions:

On Track Tight  
-full-on Luxtreme
-flip hem to reveal reflectivity
-bonded seams to prevent chafing
On Track Singlet
-built-in medium support bra
-intended for hybrid workouts
-reflective detailing on side seam that leads into back
On Track Long Sleeve
-reflectivity at cuffs for low light visibility
-longer hem in the back for extra coverage


Unknown said...

Thank you! I'm so confused by the uploads this week, thank you for giving the heads up for Monday's load...

lulubell said...

These items seem okay, but I just need some color. I'm over the muted, dark palette. It's not my thing. I'm hoping Spring brings us some brighter, happier tones.

Anonymous said...

looking very blah, from what I can see in the photos above.

emily said...

I picked up the On- Track Long Sleeve in the store today. It's made of Seriously Light Luon with Silverescent and has a nice, loose fit. I wish I would've looked more closely at the tights, but I was doing serious monetary damage already.

Anonymous said...

Did you see aus wmtm today (christmas eve). Stuff was uploaded over 12 hours ago and lots of styles and colours have already gone. I cant believe how many stores here in australia have been having their boxing day sales online and active already. Its 2 days too early!

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to all. Much gratitude to LLA for this fantastic blog!

lulumagic said...

Thank you for the time you spend on your blog,
Much appreciated, and blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not 2 days too early, lulus lucky they dropped it before I spent all my money on all the other brands doing early boxing day sales. So glad I kept an eye on it and saw it because all the swiftlies almost sold out and I'm not paying full price after their latest price hikes. Reckon I'm set till winter now yay and no braving the boxing day shops