Tuesday, November 22, 2016


New Going Places Jacket made of spacer material. I have the Insculpt Jacket and I have to say I really like spacer more than I ever thought I would. It's both warm yet breathable so if I put it on right after a workout I don't start sweating again like I do when I put on a Define Jacket. I have a review of the Insculpt coming up. The material is stiffer but it lends itself to the more structured shapes like this new jacket.

Going Places Vest

Three new merino wool tops were uploaded now - No Chill LS, No Chill Mock, and No Chill SS.

Hero Blue Define. It seems a bit behind all the other Hero Blue items we saw a couple of months ago.

Deep Breath Tank. I wish this didn't have a built in bra.

Black Cherry Fit Physique Pant

Heathered Black Hotty Hot Shorts

Reflective All the Right Places Pant

Wee Space Deep Coal Cool Racerback

Astro Blue Rise and Shine Backpack

Very cute Shakti Sherpa sherpa-lined Mittens, Snood, Hat, and Infinity Scarf.

Canada got a new luon Wander Jacket. The shape is nice but it's really plain and nothing about it says lululemon. Note the Tech Mesh Wunder Under Pants in the photo. They're out in Honh Kong.

Did you get anything today? Nothing for me. Last week I exchanged the Heathered Black luxtreme WUCs for the Capri Iced Wave WUCs so I am on the lookout for some coordinating tops. This upload seemed a bit small but we'll also be getting a Black Friday one on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

I am ready to buy, but can't find anything that really appeals or is a "must have" item. :(

Anonymous said...

I didn't order anything. Im liking heathered black hotly hot shorts, but will wait for Speeds. I kinda like Fit Physique pant , but maybe in a dif color.

Anna said...

Can you, please, comment on heathered black WUC - were there anything wrong that you decided to return them? Thinking of buying and your review would be much appreciated. Thank you :)

LuluAddict said...

@ Anna - they got a little shiny when stretched over my legs but I have thick legs. Probably not an issue for most people.

BrownCow said...

I'm tempted by the shakti Sherpa stuff but my experience with merino items from lulu is they get all fuzzy and piled fast which puts me off a little. But the line is super cute !

Anonymous said...

What time do they typically upload WMTM and/or add new items on Thursday for Black Friday?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:05 am - last year I made the upload post at 6:52 pm but I said I was busy with cooking and dinner so it didn't go up right when it uploaded. I think sometime in the afternoon 3:15-6 pm.

GratefulMama said...

I want tech mesh wunder unders! I hope we get them here too!