Tuesday, November 1, 2016


lululemon nocturnal-teal-crb

lululemon nocturnal-teal-energy bra

lululemon nocturnal-teal-pace-rival-crop
lululemon nocturnal-teal-go-getter-bag
Pretty new color called Nocturnal Teal. Shown in the CRB II, Energy Bra, Pace Rival crops, and Go Getter bag.

lululemon plum-crb
Plum Cool Racerback II

lululemon outrun-ls

lululemon outrun-ls
New Outrun Long Sleeve. I'm a little tempted by this but I'd rather have a half zip.

lululemon outrun-halfzip

Outrun Half Zip. Darn, this looks cute but I hate the jacquard version of rulu.

lululemon outrun-halfzip
Another color of the half zip.

lululemon high-times heathered-black
Heathered Black High Times.

lululemon free-to-be-tranquil-bra heathered-black
Heathered Black Free to Be Tranquil Bra. 

lululemon heathered-black wunder-under
These are tempting - heathered Black Wunder Unders.

lululemon alberta-lake wunder-under
Very pretty Alberta Lake Aligns.

lululemon quilted don't-sweat-it-kit
Pretty quilted version of the Don't Sweat it Kit.

lululemon get-lost-duffel
New Get Lost Duffel.

lululemon cap
Iced Wash Dash and Splash Cap.

Nothing for me. Did you get anything?

Update - the app didn't have all the newest items. Here are the rest:

New Run for Cold Vest, Pullover, and Jacket in plum. Anyone try these yet? What did you think?

Black Cherry Power Y

Fast and Free Nulux Tight. I can't like the pocket situation on these. I don't understand why front slot pockets have been eliminated in favor of external ones. I'm also not a fan of the Nike dot pattern. 

Plum Energy Bra

All the Right Places Pant and Crop in Nocturnal Teal.

Cates Crop Tee

In Canada, Run for Cold skirt. Made with primaloft and not down.

The only thing I liked from today's upload was the preview of these upcoming Speed Tights.


Anonymous said...

Pace rivals in nocturnal teal and the fast and free tight. I am so tempted by the align crop but have to remember its almost winter. Hope it comes in the align pant.

Anonymous said...

I like the new nocturnal teal color, but the styles are such a yawner. Not ordering.

Anonymous said...

Happy about the return of Black Cherry. It looks like the UK got some Aligns and WUPs in that color. I like the teal (whether you call it Nocturnal Teal or Alberta Lake!), but I'll hold out for the Black Cherry.

Anonymous said...

Love all the fall colors but don't *need anything. Not to mention I've spent way too much on mark down items lately. With the price increases i'm finding it hard to buy anything that doesn't fit and perform perfectly for full price.

Anonymous said...

I'm really tempted by the run for cold pullover. I wonder if it is TTS?

E said...

Alberta lake and nocturnal teal are noticeably different in person, less so online! The teal is much darker and I consider it almost a neutral.

Got the teal pace rivals!

Also got the heathered white outrun pullover which as soon as I tried it on I knew I had to have it! True to size, soft, slightly more loose fit, perfect sleeve length, loved it.

Lastly, purchased the black run for cold jacket which I thought was amazing! True to size, perfect weight, good basic. Not too tight in the shoulders which sometimes can be a problem for me!


Unknown said...

I got the HT but if the luon is too thin I will return them - I usually prefer the full on luon or textured luon since it's thicker and more compressive.

Anonymous said...

Why would LLL release Nocturnal Teal and Alberta Lake at the same time? Nothing I like except for all the colours.

Anonymous said...

Who is even buying this stuff? Shame on you, lululemon, for falling that low....

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the preview of the Speed Tights. I liked a couple of pieces from the upload tonight but these prices....ugh. Just can't get past the prices anymore.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the run for cold pullover, found it true to size, a pinch tighter through the tummy than the First Mile jacket. I am a layering fiend and thought it was good quality and technically sound. Not terrible price wise for the function.

Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I really want the Nocturnal Teal align pants knowing that they are only good for a few months before they look terrible from the pilling? Temped by the pace Rivals in that colour too.

Anonymous said...

Lol at paying these prices for plainly and poorly designed pieces. And a premium for primaloft?! Please. I'll happily wear my down pieces from years past. They need to fire the Nike guy they hired. His influence on Lulu's new aesthetics is noticeable - and it sucks.

Anonymous said...

My local store had the Run For Cold stuff today. LOVED the vest, it's quite flattering. The fit is very slim, and if you buy your regular size you will not be able to put much under it. The seams are all finished extremely neatly inside and out and the pocket situation is good.. I'm an equestrian and wear vests often while riding so this was very appealing to me, and I'm quite picky about how my vests fit because riding vests have to be cut just so. My vests need to stand up to very frequent washing because they go to the barn and get dirty. I had no reason to think, by handling the vest, that it would be delicate but lately I've been disappointed by Lulu durability so I won't pay full price for this. If it goes on WMTM I'll snap one up.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:10 pm - they have multiple former Nike people on staff but I 100% agree with you. If I wanted the Nike look, I'd be buying Nike.

Anonymous said...

When they finally bring out a nice top in Alberta Lake, they had to ruin it with spray jacquard. #fail

I really like Nocturnal Teal too, but will only get the CRB II when it hits markdown, where they all seem to be headed. Considering the Align Pant or Pace Rivals in NT.

Anonymous said...

My Aligns are more than year old, no pilling. Wear them all the time

Anonymous said...

Not interested in Primaloft. I need a down jacket

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:52pm - I know! I would have bought a solid or heathered alberta lake half zip in a second. I hate spray jacquard, the look and the feel.

Anonymous said...

What?!? This is crazy. What's your secret?? Do you ever wear them lol. I had mine for a few months with wear of about 2x a week at home and I had friends that only wore theirs a few times within 3 months and they looked horrible after.

GratefulMama said...

There it is again! :-) What's the bra in the fourth pic from the bottom, please? It looks like the Minimulist Bra that I missed early summer, and I spotted the white one top and center in that post about the new winter line a few days ago. Dare I hope for a re-release and maybe in a better color than hot pink? I won't hesitate to buy the white one this time and I'm hoping for Nocturnal Teal!

GratefulMama said...

P.S. LLA you missed the ridiculously priced crop Tees, and the primaloft running skirt, or were those released last week? I don't like when they keep up last week's uploaded items but I guess it makes sense.

LuluAddict said...

@Grateful- thanks! I will go back and look and update the post.

LuluAddict said...

@Grateful - It looks like the Oxygen Bra. It's out in Hong Kong or you can find a ton of photos of it on google. It looks like it might be coming back again. I didn't think it did that well the first time around.

janine57 said...

Wash by hand in the sink not washer and don't work out in them. Zero piling.

Anonymous said...

Received my Alberta Lake Align Crops and they are gorgeous. I really like the feel of the Outrun 1/2 zip and the longer length (asset covering); however, I did have to size down to a 2 due to the overall loose fit. Sleeves are also quite long. I'm 5'5" 114 lbs and typically wear a 4 in everything.