Friday, November 11, 2016

Think Fast Hoodie, Sleet Sprinter Jacket, Sculpt II, Fresh Tracks Tights, and More

Black Fresh Tracks Tight and Think Fast Hoodie. I had a Canadian friend send me this hoodie last year and it's soft and thick and cozily warm. I saw this top in the store yesterday and it feels like the same tops as last year.

Space Dye Camo Black Think Fast Hoodie. My store had this yesterday but was sold out in my size. The rulu felt nice, though.

Sleet Sprinter Jacket and Fresh Tracks Tight. I tried the jacket on yesterday. I thought it was ok but not nearly worth $248 plus tax. 

The new Sculpt II tank, shown with the Fresh Tracks Tights. I tried the Sculpt II on yesterday and didn't like it. It fits snugger through the abdomen/hips than the previous version. I also liked the mesh upper back and open keyhole in the Sculpt I.

Run for Cold Vest, Jacket, and Pullover. I tried the vest and jacket on last week and liked them a lot but would only get them at an attractive markdown price.

Black Cherry Mantra Scarf

Work the Circuit Tank. I started to try this on last week but the bra was too tight and I bailed out of having to struggle to get it back off.

Scuba IV. I tried this on yesterday in Black Cherry and found it fit snug through the armpits/shoulders /upper arms. The material was also thin.

Plastic zipper pull on the Nocturnal Teal Define. Booooooo!

Plastic zipper pull on the Scuba IV.

Get Low Muscle Tank. I found the armpits way too low for my comfort zone. Also, the cheap unfinished  edges on the armpits pissed me off. I detest unfinished edges.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the fit of the Scuba IV. I ordered it and it was very constricting in my shoulders and uppers arms. I ordered my usually Scuba size and have never had this problem before. The material was also thinner than the Scuba III.

Anonymous said...

I have a bruised berry define that is probably 7 or 8 years old and it has a plastic zipper pull.

lulubell said...

They need to get a grip. No way am I paying high prices for plastic zippers and unfinished edges. Nope, nope, nope. They need to stop cutting ALL the corners!

julia said...

Ugh, those plastic zipper pulls are dreadful. Who thought that was a good idea?

I miss the Scuba II. The Scuba III and IV are shadows of what the Scuba used to be. The quality isn't there anymore. I'm not impressed with the flimsy fabric they are using now and prefer the prominent embroidered emblem on the hood to the one on the Scubas III and IV.


LuluAddict said...

@Julia - I know. I am hoarding my Scuba IIs.

@lulubell - no way am I paying $118 for a Define with a plastic zipper pull.

@ anon 4:21 pm - are you sure? The hair tie is plastic but I doubt the zipper pull itself is. The Bruised Berry ones I'm pulling up on ebay show the standard metal zipper pull. That is always a place people look for wear in a used Define - whether the paint is chipping off the zipper pulls.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Lulubell! $128 plus tax for a define jacket with a plastic zipper pull?? Yep. No. I wear my defines zipped up all the way and that pull is too big and too plastic!! If that is the new "standard" for defines then no more will be purchased. I am glad now that I bought the jet set blue and dusty mauve this fall to add to the 6 I have in my collection of defines. Now that I think of it, I also bought the Zinfadel in the spring so have enough to last 10 years!! (So glad I have lots of old Lulu) I also picked up a rush hour jacket on MD and really really like it. Great for errands and will work well for spring/fall bike rides...

Sophi said...

Do you know what kind of shoes the girl with the Sculpt II is wearing?

Anonymous said...

If you tried to buy the think fast in black at south coast, sorry I bought it Wednesday! They really need to stock more 10s and 12s

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Define expert, but I have the Bruised Berry Forme jacket and that has a plastic zipper and pull. I actually prefer it to the metal zippers; it seems to give a little more. There are Formes with metal and Formes with plastic, even though they weren't considered different versions.

Anonymous said...

I miss Scuba 2 as well... have not purchased any Scubas since Scuba 2 :(

$128 for Define Jackets in Canada (around $150 after taxes)... :( Same with Scubas, they are now $128 here as well.

Overall quality continues to down along with more and more cost cutting in every way possible and yet the prices continue to climb.

:( :( :(

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's plastic. All of my other defines have the metal zipper pull, but this one is big and plastic. I bought it myself at a lululemon store, so I know it's not fake. Weird. I looked through all of my other Lulu full zip jackets (I have a lot) and it's the only plastic one.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:39 pm - lol. I have the white one but I did want to try it on. :D

Anonymous said...

Oops - I'm anon @ 2:38 AM. I thought the pull was plastic on my Forme, but it is actually metal. I was going from memory; sorry for the misinformation.

I looked through the UK site and a number of the new Defines use the same plastic pull, including the Black Cherry, which I had high hopes for.

Anonymous said...

Hi! What did you think of the fast tracks tights? Im worried about all the reviews about thin material and pilling but these look thicker and don't have any reviews yet. Id love some feedback on how you found them :)