Monday, November 28, 2016

Hill and Vally Mock Turtleneck, Fast and Free 7/8 Tight, and More

lululemon hill-and-valley-mock-turtleneck fast-and-free-tight sweatr

lululemon hill-and-valley-mock-turtleneck fast-and-free-tight sweatr
Hill and Valley Mock Turtleneck with Mini Sweatr Multi Black Fast and Free 7/8 Tight

lululemon hill-and-valley-mock-turtleneck fast-and-free-tight fairisle
Hill and Valley Mock Turtleneck and Fairislule Multi Black Fast and Free 7/8 Tight. All these nulux prints are saving me tons of $.

lululemon rise-and-shine-backpack
Rise and Shine Backpack.

lululemon hill-and-valley-mock-turtleneck  fairisle-speed-short

lululemon hill-and-valley-mock-turtleneck  fairisle-speed-short
Hill and Valley Mock Turtleneck with Fairisle Multi Black Speed Shorts.

lululemon fast-and-free-tight
Fast and Free Tights in Fairisle and Sweatr Multi Prints.

lululemon iridescent fast-and-free-tight featherlight-bra
Iridescent print Featherlight Tights and Featherlight Bra.

Fairisle Fast and Free Tight and Hill and Valley Mock Turtleneck

Hill and Valley Mock Turtleneck and Fairisle Fast and Free Tight

Sweatr Multi Speed Shorts

Break Free Kit


GratefulMama said...

I like the little white mock neck top but I can live without any of this stuff. I don't like any of the new prints. Why do they all have green in them?

Anonymous said...

The Hill and Valley mock turtleneck is so not for me, but I have to give credit to the women who are rocking it in these pictures, particularly the first one in the series. If my abs were that tight, maybe I'd be interested, but uh, let's just say, it's not going to happen!

Climbergirl said...

Tried on the fast and free tight -sweatr and was so disappointed when I bent my knee and they stretched to white.😭 I really wanted these to work!!! I did pick up the speed shorts but am still hoping another run tight/crop comes out in the sweatr pattern.

Anonymous said...

I went by the store to see a few things in person. I thought both the Fast and Free Tights in Fairisle and Sweatr Multi Prints looked much better in person than on the web. The material of the sweater multi is quite stiff compared to fast and free solid. I think it is a factor of the colors in the print. The fairisle pattern felt softer to the touch than the Sweatr Multi, but still stiffer than a solid (that is pretty typical when comparing prints to solids).

Both patterns are printed on white ground, so yes, there is going to be grin through when you stretch and bend. For this reason, I think it will be a bit of a slow seller.

I ended up buying the fairisle pattern in the Fast and Free Tights. Thought it looked great paired with a white down jacket or top. The grin through does not bother me as much as it does some people. However it is pretty intense on these due to how light the fabric is. Try them on b4 you buy them!

Unknown said...

Tried on the Layer Me Turtleneck (which is really a mock neck), trying to see if I was a 6 or an 8. In bra tops I always take an 8. In non-bra tops I take a 6. This felt best in a size 8 for me, so a size up item from what I would have ordered, had I not tried it on. I like the very light weight b/c I tend to overheat, but it sure is thin for rulu. Does not feel like rulu to me at all.