Monday, November 14, 2016

Australian Spoilers

Real Quick Crop in Capri Iced Wave. I like this version of the print. I hope this comes in Pace Rivals or Wunder Unders.

 Ice Breaker Sun Runner Crop

Ice Breaker print High Rise Wunder Under Crop

Ice Breaker Cool Racerback II

Ice Breaker Don't Sweat It Kit

Iced Wave Race to Place Hat

Iced Wave and Lush Coral Run with the Sun Tight

Alberta Lake Oxygen Bra

Alberta Lake Flow and Go Crops. These are in North American stores already.

Very pretty Capri Swiftly tops. I might need one of these.

Free Runner Tank in luxreme.

Cardio Squad Tank in Desert Teal


Anonymous said...

I actually like the cropped free runner tank, although I would never have the guts to wear a crop top out of the house. And it's probably too pricey too.

Anonymous said...

Quite boring. I do not care for the Capri Iced Wave print at all. Ugh to the tedious black and white skatter brain prints, this is just more of the same old, same old. Double ugh to more mesh!

I suppose maybe it is a bit more green but how does the Capri Swiftly really differ that much from Kayak Blue? I have Kayak Blue and there would be zero need for a Capri one.

Anonymous said...

One word: BORING

Anonymous said...

The Capri Swiftly top looks very similar to my heathered black Kayak Blue one.