Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wild and Free Tight and Tank, As You Like Bra

lululemon as-you-like-bra wild-and-free-tight

lululemon as-you-like-bra wild-and-free-tight as-you-like-bra

lululemon as-you-like-bra wild-and-free-tight
Wild and Free Tank and Tights wiht the As You Like Bra.

lululemon as-you-like-bra wild-and-free-tight
As You Like Bra with the Wild and Free Tights. Anyone busty try this new bra on yet? I'm pretty sure it won't provide enough coverage for me but I like the looks of the back.

lululemon embrace-the-space-pant
Embrace the Space Pant

lululemon ready-to-rulu-hoodie conduit-crop
Ready to Rulu Hoodie and Conduit Crops


Lottie_Lulu said...

I'm busty! A 38DD in the Ta Ta Tamer (36DD in more normal sized bras). I got in to the As You Like Bra and it did cover up the puppies, but the problem was the bottom of it didn't sit well on me because its not elastic all the way through and as I'm not straight up and down in the abdomen area it ruckled up. Like the ones they released recently that are longer length. It also looks a bit rubbish at the front, the back is lovely and I had great fun moving straps but the front just wasn't special although it did fit. I normally wear a 12 in the Energy Bra and that's a perfect fit all over. I find some of their bras cover at the front then you get sneaky boob coming out the side.

Anonymous said...

Girl is rocking those space pants. She looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

having such fabulous, fit ladies model the clothing is the only thing that saves these pictures.

Anonymous said...

Those ladies can look good in basically everything! I still don't think that boxy trump dress can be saved by anyone.