Tuesday, October 4, 2016

UK Spoilers

New As You Like Bra in Moolit Magenta. This color reminds me of Power Purple. This bra interests me but is designed for B/C so probably won't be deep enough for me.

Boom Bloom Chartreuse Green Aurora Wunder Unders. People are calling this the Austin Powers print. I hate to admit it but it's growing on me. These are in US and Canadian stores already, along with the blue version of this print.

New Conduit Crops, made of silverescent luxtreme/silverescent circle mesh. It is double layered in the rear and only has a front slot pocket. It's designed for "training". I'm a big fan of silverescent luon and luxtreme. These are in US and Canadian stores already.

Conduit Tights.

Conduit Shorts.

Free to Be Zen Bra in silverescent luxtreme.

Moonlit Magenta Swiftly tops.

Light Luxtreme Wild and Free Tank. The top print is Fall Net. I like this a lot.

Pretty Swift Current Scuba. I wish this was a Scuba II.

Luxtreme Ombre Greyvy Wunder Under Pants. Those wrinkly ankles look terrible - great styling, lululemon web team.

Ripened Raspberry Fast Times Bra. I tried this on a couple of weeks ago. It was hideous - definitely too shallow for D cups - and doesn't have pockets for cups.

Cotton Dundarave Muscle Tank in Darkest Magenta.

Merino Done Your Asana Pullover.

Darkest Magenta Energy and Free to Be Tranquil Bras. These are very tempting to me.

Darkest Magenta Align Crop

Darkest Magenta Circuit Breaker Skirt

Very pretty Darkest Magenta Run Times Shorts.

Embrace The Space Hoodie. I assume this is made from that stiff spacer material.

Fall Net print Wunder Unders. I believe these are luon.

Military Green Align Pant

Military Green Outrun Tight

Military Green Outrun Crop

Military Green Flow and Go Crop

Graf print Inspire Tights

High Times Pant in a mystery print. These are in US stores.

Military Green Hotty Hot shorts.

Vinayasa Wrap. I read a rumor yesterday that all Vinyasas are going to be wraps from now on - booooo!

Moonlit Magenta Work the Circuit Tank

Spray Jacquard Aurora Flow Y

Merino Runderland Neck Warmer


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at home much I am liking. If those Darkest Magenta's come in Speeds I will be all over that. Plus the energy bra looks tempting as well. I was intrigued by the Conduit Crops but after Lulumum posted her fit review about how the mesh doesn't stretch across the thigh like the rest of the fabric these are probably a no go for me. I wish the swiftly's weren't so close to the Power Purple that were released not that long ago or else I'd be all over those too.

LuluAddict said...

I wanted the Conduit Crops, also, until I read her review, too.

GratefulMama said...

I wish this had been our upload. I like a lot of the bras, and all the purple. I hope we get all this stuff in the US soon!

Lottie_Lulu said...

I have unfortunately ordered quite a bit of the new upload. I love purples so this appealed to me. I'm getting worried that LLL will look at my account and wonder why I have so many orders (I send about half of it back). I was advised by an educator to just buy stuff when I see it in my size as once it's gone it's difficult to find again, and I'm fed up of going round the LLL stores in London (which aren't close to each other) to track one one item in my size.
Although the other day I was feeling very disappointed with all the dark LLL colours when I saw the restore tees were half price in their WMTM; they were various sizes from a 10 to a 6 but they all came up virtually the same which seemed a bit odd. I'm usually a 12!! Needless to say I was all over that. I then got the Jericho tee online which I loved the moment I put it on, it was one of those tops that fitted perfectly and was exactly what I was looking for. A cool top to wear over an Energy bar (I'm too plumpilicious to wear the bra on its own) for doing ballet class. Also the tees cover up my bingo wings when I'm waving my arms about trying to look graceful.