Friday, October 21, 2016

Florence Print Speed Wunder Tights, First Mile Jacket, and More

First Mile Jacket and Tights plus Rest Less Pullover.

First Mile Jacket, Florence Speed Wunder Tights, and Love Tank.

First Mile Jacket and Florence Speed Wunder Tight

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had seen the new additions to the Canadian WMTM yesterday. I had my eye on a few things that were freshly discounted, but by the time I saw them this morning, my size sold out. Oh well, I will survive. I did order a Studio Pant in Greyvy, simply because I love that sophisticated, unusual grey. I also consider a white Rest Less Pullover at $59 a great scoop, which sold out in two days, and is from the good old stock (although second edition, not first). They are still long, soft and warm, and have a nice cable design. I have one in navy in a geometric design and it is a winter staple. Who knows what they did to the latest batch apart from the shorter length and the jacked up price.
It is totally true that the regular priced merchandise is not moving because it's priced too high. I can't see them going back to their previous prices though, so that will force peeps to wait for sales. Not the best strategy...