Friday, October 21, 2016

First Mile Half Zip Photos and Fit Comments

First Mile Half Zip and Tights.
First Mile Half Zip and Tights

Military Green First Mile Half Zip, Insculpt Vest, and Scatter Star Arctic Gray Pace Rival Crops.

First Mile Half Zip tag.

Face the Frost Half Zip tag.

Showing the brushing on the inside of the First Mile Half Zip.

Zipper pocket - not big enough for an iPhone 6+, unlike the Face the Frost.

I tried on the First Mile Half Zip yesterday and didn't care for it. As you can see from the above tags it is definitely tech fleece (I see the website has been updated) but the fabric is different from that used on last year's Face the Frost. It seemed thinner and didn't feel as soft. I included a photo to show the brushing and if you look at the photo of the tag of the Face the Frost you can see the brushing is different. I thought the half zip looked fine from the front but the elastic along the back was terrible. Not only does it ruin the lines and look old-ladyish but I could feel it against my back. I think the sizing was TTS.


Anonymous said...

$120 for a top! No way. The tights look super seamy.

Anonymous said...

Agree! It's a shocking $128 in Canada ($145 after taxes in many provinces)! Crazy. I really dislike 'seamy' crops and pants (but also really dislike seamless ones lol, they look weird and wrong haha) I just like a 'normal' amount of seams like the original Wunder Unders.

Unknown said...

I saw the first mile top in person, while I didn't try it on first impression was that it looked cheap..Like something I would find at Target..Come on Lululemon, we aren't buying what you are selling these days!