Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Conduit Tights, Boom Bloom Free to Be Zen Bra, City Bound Hoodie, Conduit Singlet, and More

Boom Bloom Free to Be Zen Bra.

Free to Be Bra

A huge thank you to Ms. K. for sharing photos of the new items in her store!

Free to Be Zen Silver Bra.

City Bound Hoodie

Military Green Hotty Hot Short

Conduit Short

Conduit Tight

Conduit Singlet

Close up of the Boom Bloom Print.

City Bound Turtleneck

Cute new headband style. The teal blue is called Jet Set Blue.

Mantra Leg Warmers

Brave Olive Pencil Lace Trackers

Military Green Align Crops

Vinyasa Wrap

I think these are neck warmers.

Blue version of the Boom Bloom print.

Brave Olive Swiftly and Olive Pencil Lace Speed Short.

Brave Olive Love Tee and Boom Bloom Wunder Under Pants.


Anonymous said...

The pink and green leggings make me want to hurl!

Adelina said...

I see those pink and green leggings and I can't help but make that "side eyeing chloe" face!!!!!