Tuesday, September 6, 2016


lululemon antique-paisley

lululemon antique-paisley

lululemon antique-paisley

lululemon antique-paisley fuschia

Full on luxtreme Antique Paisley White/Black and Deep Fuschia in Wunder Under Crops and High Times. I ordered the black and white Wunder Unders. I saw this print in Hotty Hot shorts this weekend and didn't love it but the shorts use the mini version which seems a lot blacker than the larger version used in the crops/pants.

lululemon antique-paisley hotty-hot

lululemon antique-paisley sapphire-tracker

Mini Antique Paisley Hotty Hot and Sapphire mini Antique Paisley Tracker Shorts

lululemon bali-spray-pace-rival
Bali Breeze Spray Jacquard Pace Rival Crops

lululemon bend-and-twist-tank

lululemon bend-and-twist-tank

Pima modal Bend and Twist tank. I was a little tempted by this.

lululemon paisley-sculpt
Sapphire mini Antique Paisley Sculpt Tank.

lululemon florence-speed

lululemon florence-speed

lululemon marbled-mix-speed

lululemon pinstripe-speed-short

New Speed Shorts in Florence, Marbled Mix, and manifesto Pinstripe print.

lululemon split-ls

lululemon split-hoodie
Split LS and Split Pullover. I am majorly tempted by the pullover but would really like one in Black Swan. Update - I went back and ordered this late last night.

lululemon marbled-mix-speed-wunder
Marbled Mix Nulux Speed Wunder Tights. I've read the new fabric feels great but is sheer. Florence print versions are coming soon, according to a banner on the pant page.

lululemon energy-bra-nulux florence

lululemon energy-bra-nulux florence

lululemon energy-bra-nulux marbled
Nulux Energy Bras in Florence and Marbled Mix. I find the Florence print a bit creepy in the photos, like spider webs but I'm dying to try the new fabric.

lululemon paisely-outrun
Fuschia Antique Paisley Outrun Crops. My store has these already.

lululemon energy-bra-hunter-spray

lululemon energy-bra-hunter-spray
Hunter Green Spray Jacquard Energy Bra. I'm not sure why this pretty jewel tone has to be ruined with the Spray Jacquard print.

lululemon rise-and-run

lululemon rise-and-run dusty-mauve
Dusty Mauve Rise and Run Bra

lululemon rush-hour
Rush Hour Tank

lululemon trax-flow-y luxtreme
Luxtreme Flow Y Mini Trax Deep Green/Black

lululemon paisley-both-ways
Both Ways Bra Fuschia Mini Antique Paisley

lululemon paisley-free-to-be
Mini Antique Paisley Free to Be Bra

lululemon paisley-fast-time
Sapphire Antique Paisley Fast Times Bra

lululemon down-for-a-run
Inkwell Down for a Run Vest. I think these might be leftover stock.

lululemon insculpt
Insculpt Vest

lululemon savasana-jacket
Savasana Waterproof Jacket II

lululemon rugged-baller
Rugged Blue Baller Cap

Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

I was really hoping for the new Flow Y Bra for D cups but no luck. Hoping they will be posted soon.

janine57 said...

Haha the Florence print kinda looked like an animal print to me until zooming in lol.

Marci Warren-Elmer said...

I happened to swing in the store today and bought the sapphire Tracker IV. I wish they had that new Speed Short Pinstripe print in Run Times. The spray finish on some of the new stuff reminds me of the late 1980's pastel Southwest decor.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for under wraps pullover

amy phinney said...

Can anyone confirm if the new Nulu material is sheer? I like the Speed Wunder Tights but not if they are see-thru!!

Anonymous said...

Null feels AMAZING tried it today.

Anonymous said...

@amy phinney - they're "light coverage" and white-backed, so take that information as you will. I had them on earlier today and did several bend over tests and didn't notice any significant sheerness! i'm holding out for the paisley/lace print though, I'm not absolutely in love with the marble print.

Amanda Lynch said...

I shot them in photos for my store today using flash. They were fine.

Anonymous said...

Nothing in this drop is making me want to spend some money. I am going to wait and see if we get some rulu tops and the Under Wraps Pullover in some of solid colours like Deep Green, Sapphire Blue and Deep Indigo.

Anita Leisser said...

Meh - nothing interesting.
Tried on the CRB 2 in store - I like it. Just waiting for more interesting colors.
Picked up some Speed Crops. Wore them to the gym. 30 mins on the rowing machine and I had a huge sweat patch on my CROTCH. I've been trying to post the review on their site but it won't let me submit.
ANyone else have gigantic sweat spots in embarrassing areas like crotch? Sorry to hijack the comments!

Ella said...

Please, does anybody know what is the difference between power luxtreme and the (regular) luxtreme? (Pace rival crops)

Lululover said...

I got Speeds in Florence, Marbled mix and pinstripe out of FOMO. Belle jacket in Arctic and Muscle swing tank. I'm hopeful I'll dislike all of it lol

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me this week...

LuluAddict said...

@ Ella - power luxtreme is a little thicker and a little more compressive than regular. Though, I can't tell the difference between power and full on luxtreme.

Anonymous said...

I'm tempted by the bend and twist tank as well. Think I may try it, but deliberating on size. Looks long but slim cut so fit could be tricky. Also thinking about the paisley high times.

Ella said...

Thank you, LLA! I think I own only regular luxtreme. So I will give it a try and get the "power" for fall/winter.

GratefulMama said...

I have Florence paisley speeds in my cart and a couple headbands. I'm not in love with the print but they look unique enough that they might sell out, then I'll wish I bought them. LLA- I agree, the mini print is darker and I'm always looking for anything white, or as white as I can get. So I'm tempted by the WUC but I wish they weren't such high rise. And, since I'm wishing, I would love it if the white was more of an off white/angle, since it's after Labor Day an all.

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me. Agreed, they ruined the green with the dumb print.

The Down for a Run vests are not last year's stock. I saw them in store and they have the new, interior black size tags, which are new this year. I read that hear about the black tags :) so I actually checked.

CatepillarInTraining said...

I like the bend and twist tank but I don't have anything in that fabric currently, so I'll wait til I can try it in the store. I'm tempted by those pinstripe manifesto speeds- but with the weather already cooling off here I know I'm about to retire my speeds for the season and don't need another pair. Hopefully they'll put out another item in that print, I think it's cute.
Other than that, I love the jewel tone colors, but I don't like the sea spray pattern and the lace/paisley are both kind of "meh" to me. I'll hold out for something better or give in and get these in a month from WMTM.

Anonymous said...

Only the Sapphire Blue CRB II for me. Don't like anything else at all. My favourites/wish list is looking so tiny these days... I remember when I would have a ton of things that I would be lusting after... it also used to be very hard to narrow down my checkout to a reasonable amount... not much that I like anymore...

Fingers crossed Canada will get the Jeweled Magenta CRB II uploaded next!

Really missing Scuba II and Dance Studio Pants II, especially this time of year :( Have not purchased any Scubas or DSPs since they were changed for the worst and don't work for me now.

Dana Yaniro said...

Question: what's the difference between the High Times and the WUC High Rise as far as fit? Is it just a hem length difference or is the waistband rise/fit different?

LuluAddict said...

@Dana - the length is a little different,the HT are longer 7/8th length which are nearly full length on me. The waistband is similar but one is a bit shorter, I think the HT. And, of course, the WUCs are $10 cheaper. I am not a big HT fan since I prefer crops for my climate.

Andreea Badea said...

I was so hopeful for the midnight bloom but no luck for the second week in a row. Any intel on whether those will come in run times/trackers or just speeds? I'd prefer the former for some length, but will get the speeds if that will be my only option! Was really hoping for a bra or a tank in that print as well, but it looks like it will get totally glazed over in favor of another ugly print like the black/white lace print did at the beginning of summer!

LuluAddict said...

@Andrea - I hope it's coming to North America. Since it's in both Europe and Australia/Asia I think we'll get it. I saw a photo of a toiletries kit bag in the midnight bloom that was out in Singapore so it looks like they are doing a number of pieces in the print. I would think they'll put out either Hotty Hot longs or trackers in it.

Dana Yaniro said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I think the waist of the HT's is slightly shorter but if do its really negligible.

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me. Mesh has been overdone by so many athletic brands, and it's not durable. I'm over it! I normally like black and grey, but only in solids. Too many grey/white/black prints and it all starts running together (and boring me). I look back at some of my favorites from years past, and miss the deep solids, with occasional interesting (unusual) patterns. It's just not there anymore. Not impressed with these new fabrics either, and when things to go to WMTM, I might be willing to buy, except the sale prices are laughable... $4 off? Ummm, no. Lululemon needs to take a lesson from Athleta in terms of how they do sales. When things sit too long, Athleta gets it moving by marking it down further, and they gave an awesome sales rack in the store, which keeps customers coming back. Lululemon has pretty much done away with sales racks in the store. I no longer go bc of this. Sad thing, they are missing out on sales bc of precisely this. They will never return to the former glory days of high sales, bc they just don't get it anymore.

Anonymous said...

I would be curious to hear your fit review of the Split Pullover. I'm really tempted by it but am not sure how I feel about the ties for the hood. I feel like it cheapens it/makes it look more juvenile??? It looks super comfy though so trying to decide if the ties are a deal breaker!!

Anonymous said...

Lulumum just did a post on her blog of how sheer the Nulu fabric is!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11:46 am - I just came from trying them on at the store and I can't say I agree about them being super sheer. I was wearing nude underwear but couldn't see them at all through the fabric and I went to several mirrors in the store. The fabric felt like the super silky wee space luxtreme you find in some run bottoms, except a little thicker. I didn't think it was revolutionary but, then again, I've been buying lululemon for a long time so have a very wide collection of different luxtreme fabrics. I was surprised at how good the coverage was on cellulite, too. I was very tempted to get them to try them out but I just hate how dingy the marbled mix print is. I think the beige background turns me off.