Sunday, September 4, 2016

Maze Jacquard, Spray Jacquard, Teeny Tooth Bottoms Try Ons and Comments

Maze Jacquard Pace Rival Crops

Maze Jacquard Wunder Unders
For those who like to see fabric content tags here are the tags on the Maze Jacquard Pace Rivals and WUPs. My store didn't have the PRs in my size but I did like the WUPS. They were nicely thick - they're a knit - and opaque but I wondered how hot I would be if I wore them for an indoor workout. I think the PRs would be nice for fall running. I liked them well enough but there is supposed to be a lot of cute stuff coming in the third week of September and I have my eye on those Midnight Bloom WUCs so they stayed at the store.

Fabric content tags for the Spray Jacquard Pace Rival Crops and Wunder Under Crops. This material felt really nice on - it's very soft and stretchy - and was fully opaque. It's not as thick as either the Maze Jacquard or Teeny Tooth. I also tried on the Define Jacket and Cool Racerback II in the same pattern. I felt like I had on acid washed denim in the Define. The CRB II seemed to fit really snug.

Spray Jacquard Cool Racerback II

Close up of the back side of the fabric in the Spray Jacquard Define.

Spray Jacquard Define fabric content.

Teeny Tooth High Times. These were the thickest of the three jacquard fabrics. They felt breathable in the store but I wonder how hot they would be for a workout. I think I'd probably wear these more for casual than a workout.

Of the three prints, I liked the Maze Jacquard the best.

Weird snaps - I think they're bonded on - on the City Bound Wrap. I found this weirdly stiff and a very easy pass at the $168 price point.

 The Belle LS was very soft and I'd get one for around the house if I could snag one at a nice markdown price. I though the fit was TTS.


Anonymous said...

Thx for update. I did buy the maze wuc and wore twice to our hot weather they surprisingly were cool and super stretchy...I love them. Not crazy about the other prints but I think this one is fun. Yup Def no sheerness.....oooooh can't wait for 3rd week of September

Lululover said...

I ordered Maze WUP, Jacquard HT in Spray , Power Y in Spray and Define. I'm on vacation right now and haven't seen my order yet, but went to the store here last night and saw all the items I ordered. Maze WUP will go back, I'm not a fan of the print in person, but I'll be definitely getting WUP or HT in Spray Jacquard . Also keeping Power Y and Define. Not sure about Teeny tooth HT. They looked so cool on the website/store pics, but kinda blah in person.

Alyssa Jobs said...

The Belle LS looks nice. Expensive though.

I was looking at the Yin Yang sweater and wow, can't believe that thing is 100 dollars. And it looks like the website is full of fake reviews like this one (see below). That one seriously screams planted by the company. I'm really bummed with lulu lately, I am not happy with the Swifty prices and they just seem to be cutting corners on everything and marking up the prices. And the website seems to be full of fake reviews. It's awful. I bought some cool racerbacks before the style is gone forever . . .

I just tried on my new Yin Time. I am so pleased with it . I love the longer back and the round shape to the hem. The stragtically placed little detail holes are so beautiful. We will have to treat this sweater like a new born baby though if you want it to last. The fabric is very thin and could potentially pill if not washed by hand with care and layed out flat to dry. The bordeaux color looks so classic with my blonde hair and I know this is a winner for sure its light and small enough to fit into my festival bag for cooler evenings and I would even wear this to work with a pencil skirt or slacks.. I don't know if ill be taking this to yoga until I've had some nice outfits with it though!! Its almost to nice to sweat in!! Just be careful with this and it will be a winner !! TTS
my only worry is this shirt will have bad reviews about pilling and snagging if its not taken really good care of. So it will take some effort on the wearers part to make this gem last!!

Anonymous said...

I wore the maze PRs for a cardio class at the gym yesterday. Surprisingly I wasn't hot in them! They for sure will be great for fall running too.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Alyssa Jobs. And note that the Belle LS has no thumb holes. I also think it looks really short - not "bum covering" at all. They are literally cutting costs with all these short tops. Tired of it.

jessicalistic said...

Thanks so much for the info! As someone who lives in europe and orders from wmtm stateside, reviews like this are essential. Love ya for it!

LuluAddict said...

@jessiscalistic - you're welcome!