Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Link for the upload here.

lululemon tonic-sea energy-bra

lululemon tonic-sea energy-bra
Sorry for using screenshots from my phone but it seems to take the website forever to catch up to the app. Pretty new blue called Tonic Sea in the Energy Bra and Ta Ta Tamer. This reminds me of a paler Angel Blue. I ordered the Energy Bra.

lululemon alberta-lake yogi-racerback
Alberta Lake Yogi Racerback. I ordered this one, too.

lululemon true-red maze-tracker
True Red Mini Maze Run Time Shorts

lululemon fast-as-light 2-in-1 tank bordeaux
We got the new colors in the Fast As Light 2 in 1 tank. Bordeaux Drama shown.

lululemon spray-jacquard cool-racerback-ii

lululemon free-to-be-zen spray-jacquard

lululemon free-to-be-zen spray-jacquard

lululemon define spray-jacquard

lululemon define spray-jacquard

lululemon power-y spray-jacquard

lululemon pace-rival spray-jacquard
Spray Jacquard items - Power Y, Free to Be Zen Bra, Define Jacket, Power Y, and Pace Rival Crops.  This print does nothing for me. I have read it has a texture to it so I'm curious to see it in person. It's in US and Canadian stores now.

lululemon pace-rival maze-jacquard

lululemon pace-rival sapphire
Jacquard Maze and Sapphire Blue Pace Rival Crops.

lululemon maze-jacquard wunder-under-crop
Maze Jacquard Wunder Under Crops. I've heard these are pretty thick. I am not loving them from the photos but a lot of people seem to be liking this print.

lululemon teeny-tooth-high-times
These interest me a little - Teeny Tooth High Times. They remind me a lot of Coco Pique but I'd want to feel them in person to see if they are warm. Anyone see them in person yet?

lululemon circuit-breaker-bra
Circuit Breaker Bra in Spray Jacquard

lululemon free-to-be-bra maze-jacquard
Free to Be Bra in Maze Jacquard

lululemon chilled-grape-swiftly-ss
Chilled Grape Swiftly SS

lululemon chilled-grape-scuba
Chilled Grape Scuba III

lululemon chilled-grape-tracker-iv
Deep Fuschia Tracker Shorts

lululemon deep-fuschia wunder-under
Deep Fuschia Wunder Under Pants

lululemon aurora

lululemon deep-green-tee
Heathered Aurora and Deep Green Run Around Tee

lululemon true-red wunder-under
Maze True Red Wunder Under Pants

lululemon maze-jacquard wunder-under
Maze Jacquard Wunder Under Pants

lululemon spray-jacquard wunder-under
Spray Jacquard Wunder Under Pant

lululemon deep-fuschia fast-times
Deep Fuschia Fast Times Bra. This is geared for C/D ladies. I might order to give this a try. Anyone see it in the stores yet? Update - I just noticed this bra is priced at $68. I'll wait to try this in the store.

lululemon be-present-scarf

lululemon be-present-scarf
Be Present Scarf in Trax Jeweled Magenta and Black and White.

lululemon paisley
I wonder if this is the same paisley we saw in the sneak peek video - Mini Antique Paisley.

lululemon muscle-swing-tank stripe
New color in the Muscle Swing Tank.

lululemon deep-green-tote
Deep Green All Day Tote

lululemon dusty-mauve essentials-tank
Canada got the Dusty Mauve Essentials Tank

lululemon pink
Canada also got a Heathered Raspberry Glo Light Swiftly Tank.

Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

I am not doubting that the upload has happened. It's 3:45 and online looks the same as last week to me. I don't see any newness on the iPad either. If it is indeed new, it's the sorriest case of new I've seen from lulu b/c everything looks grey, black or white....same as last week.

Anonymous said...

OK. it's 3:36 and now I see the new upload. Wonder why the delay.

Unknown said...

I got the teeny tooth high times, hoping the maze jaquards come in the high times eventually too.... That's of for me though, first purchase in quite a few uploads!

Anonymous said...

OK, so clearly the online upload has some issues. Some things were up, but not what is on the mobile or here.

The store manager showed me the new spray jacquard WUP. For those complaining about white back prints and stretching so the print fades, this is the fix. The pattern is knitted into the fabric (hence "jacquard") so there is a slight texture due to the construction of the knit. I didn't like the print to begin with so it doesn't matter to me whether it's printed or jacquard.

I bought the split hoodie in heather grey. I agree with LLA. It's a really nice basic. I take a 6 in the Scuba II and I took a 6 in this. It body skimming but not snug like my Scuba II 6's. I like it a lot. The quality feels good. I used to have an Abercrombie light weight grey french terry zip I wore everyday, but it eventually wore out. It's been years since I've seen something close. The pockets worried me b/c no zipper and having my phone or keys fall out but there is a hidden phone pocket inside the pocket, so that problem is solved.

I bought the Align II Pants in Grevey in the store tdy. Love them. Was worried the softer color would show my dimples, but that was not the case. I had ordered online Sun night, rcvd a confirmation and then when my order shipped I saw it was minus these, so I was super bummer b/c they are sold out online in all but sz 10. Now I am thrilled.

I got the Cool Racerback Peek in Lav Dusk b/c I love the color. Also got the Energy Bra Peek in Grevey and the CRB II in Rose Quartz.

I like the mini maze print but fear the True Red Mini Maze Run Time Shorts will be too orange for me. It's a cute print to do in black and color in shorts. Love the Alberta Lake Yogi Racerback. Will go back and order now.

Anonymous said...

Wow, finally. Bought the b/w maze jacquard wuc, free to be bra, teeny tooth high times and Be Present Scarf. Good thing I didn't like anything the last 8 or so uploads because I broke the bank today. Still, why the popcorn ceiling print and the mesh all over the place. . .

Anonymous said...

Any reports on the fit of the the free to be zen and energy peek bras? Do they fit like the original versions? The website reviews are still quite limited

Anonymous said...

Are the jet pants the same as the jet crops? They both say 7/8 length.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Raspberry Glo Swiftly l/s in store today and it looks like a new print, resembling herringbone? I am liking the darker colour stitching on this one and the pink stitching on the Chilled Grape Swiftly s/s.

I bought the Deep Indigo Sweatpants and the Heathered Alberta Lake Yogi Racerback. I bought the Chilled Grape Love Tee Crew in store this am.

It looks like Deep Fuchsia, Chilled Grape and Aurora may be replacing Red Grape, Tender and Ultra Violet this Fall. If I don't see Red Grape again I will be happy. I really like the Mini Antique Paisley.

amy said...

I'm same size in energy peek as I am in energy exhale. Both were a size down from regular energy for me.

Lululover said...

I got Jacquard Power Y and Define. Also teeny tooth HT. Now thinking about going back to order Rose Quartz CRB and jacuard FTB bra. Not a bad upload IMO

Anonymous said...

Nothing here

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure the Swiftly Raspberry Glo print is called Trax and it does kind of look like little tire tracks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amy for your comment on the energy peek bra!

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me.

I definitely like the Tonic Sea colour but I don't wear either of those bras. I would probably buy it in a FTB or FTBW even though I am irritated by the price increases for those bras.

Chilled Grape ss Swiftly looks great but I'll hold off on maybe buying that one, because again, not sure I can swallow the new, increased price for that top. Liking Sapphire Blue as well, but not into the items. I like the maze FTB but probably won't buy it.

Not into any of the jacquard stuff. I cannot stand that Spray print/jacquard. It looks like a cheap counter top and it's not their first go at this type of print either. Probably destined for wmtm and I would not be interested even then.

I just bought a Roots full zip up hoodie in lovely Salt & Pepper. More reasonable base price imo and there is currently a 30% off promo on all sweats.

Anonymous said...

In the vein of releasing too many similar colours together or one after another: Chilled Grape and Deep Fuschia.

Retire Bordeaux already.

Anonymous said...

Biggest lulu spend today for me in many many months...could be my biggest in a year.

Anonymous said...

Was the true red ftbw new? Ordered that and maze wuc as well as sea tonic energy bra....yikes...

GratefulMama said...

Well, what did you buy? :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the sea tonic color. Hope we get some other tops in that. I might have to buy the Alberta Lake tank.

Anonymous said...

Really wish they'd bring back the bhakti jacket this year. Kicking myself for not getting it last year.

Anonymous said...


I found the sizing the same on the energy bra and the energy bra peek. I'm an 8 in both. The peek is not quite as binding on me...so less back fat squeezing out. But there is no way I could size down. I'm a 34 D. I like the peek.

Anonymous said...

Love the spray jacquard pace rivals. They are Power lux!

Anonymous said...

LLA, do you have any idea what crops the model is wearing in the photo for the raspberry fast time bra? They have a back pocket and no mesh! They look like something I'd actually want to buy!!

Unknown said...

I was in store yesterday and grabbed the spray jacquard pace rival crops . Tried them on at home and really like them a lot. Super comfy knit material and camouflage imperfections nicely . Give them a try!

Anonymous said...

Ordered last week. FTB zen fits the same as a FTBW, I fit those a little tighter than regular FTB if that helps. Energy peek fits same as regular energy with a little higher rise in front. Loved them both!

Unknown said...

I saw everything in stores yesterday. The maze print is textured for sure because as someone else mentioned, the pattern is sewn into the pants. Not crazy about it, personally

The Fuschia looks so lovely in person!

Anonymous said...

I don't like the spray jaquard stuff. I reminds me of the sheepskin seat covers I used to have. Lol! um...I'll pass.

Love the sapphire, purple and bali no print than goodness breeze swiftlies. Just can't swallow the new price on those.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:30 am - Good eye! They look like something new. Maybe we'll see less mesh for the fall/winter run bottoms.

Shadowy Lady said...

I actually love that seafoam blue colour. But the Tatat Tamer don't work for me (can't even fit my boobs in the E cup, their sizing is off IMO) and I don't want to pay the higher new price for the Energy bra. I cross my finger that it would go to WMTM and then I would get it. Otherwise pass.
Nothing else there interests me. That seafoam blue would be lovely for a tank though.

Anonymous said...

Do tell! Share with us!

Anonymous said...

Shadowy Lady, have you tried going up a band size in the Ta Ta Tamer? That should give you a bit more room in the cups area. As band size goes up so does the cups size get a bit roomier too. But I agree, the cup sizes are on the snug side (I can't go up a band size because I'm actually more like a 30 band size, and the 34 is too big in the band but a better fit in the cups). I actually like the snugness, I just spend a bit of time after doing it up to "sort" everything into place in there best I can. I end up with quite a bit coming out the top, but at least it doesn't completely flatten me and push anything out the sides areas. That's what happens to me with Energy Bra and others similar that I've tried(completely flattens and pushes everything out the sides and out the top). I ordered the Tonic Sea Ta Ta Tamer, looks like a pretty colour.