Tuesday, August 23, 2016


lululemon obscurred-black-white-dusty-mauve wunder-under-crop
Hi Rise Wunder Under Crops in Obscurred Black Dusty Mauve. I ordered these but I'm hoping there will be Pace Rivals coming in the print, too. I actually ordered a couple of pairs so I could cherry pick print distribution per the recommendation from some try on reviews I have read.

lululemon obscurred-black-white-dusty-mauve high-time-peek

lululemon high-time-peek

Obscurred Black Dusty Mauve and Black SE Peek High Times. I really don't care for these in the print. It looks like there is a new bra previewed in the photo of the black pants.

lululemon obscurred-black-white-dusty-mauve speed-short

lululemon obscurred-black-white-dusty-mauve hotty-hot
Speed and Hotty Hot Long shorts in the Obscurred print.

lululemon obscurred-black-white-dusty-mauve stuff-your-bra
Obscurred print Stuff Your Bra

lululemon dusty-mauve define
Very pretty Dusty Mauve Define. I'd have to try this on to see if it drains me or looks nice against my coloring.

lululemon dusty-mauve power-y

lululemon dusty-mauve wunder-under-crop
Dusty Mauve Power Y and Wunder Under Crops.  The website said the WUCs were luxtreme.

lululemon energy-bra-peek
Funky Energy Bra *Peek edition. Also comes in Greyvy and Dusty Mauve. I'm debating ordering the Dusty Mauve one.

lululemon obscurred-black-white-dusty-mauve free-to-be-zen
Free to Be Zen Bra

lululemon wunder-under emperor-blue
Peek Wunder Under Crops in Emperor Blue

lululemon split-hoodie
New Split Hoodie in heathered speckled black. I ordered this to try.

lululemon muscle-swing-tank

lululemon muscle-swing-tank
Muscle Swing Tank

lululemon layer-up-jacket

lululemon layer-up-jacket
Layer Up Jacket in Bordeaux

lululemon layer-up-vest
Layer Up Vest

lululemon locarno-la
Locarno LS, priced at a wallet-emptying $78.

lululemon don't-sweat-it-kit
Rose Blush Don't Sweat It Kit

lululemon runaway-jacket
I don't know who lululemon is trying to fool by calling the Runaway Jacket new.

Did you get anything today?



Anonymous said...

I got the dusty mauve Define and Power Y, as well as the Energy Bra Peek. I finally broke down and ordered a CRB II to try, as well, although I have a feeling it's going to be too short for my preference.

Anonymous said...

It's not even winter yet and these colors just scream boring winter workouts.

Anonymous said...

Bleh! Dull, tired and uninspiring! Nada for me! I have hardly spent any money at Lulu in the past 6 months. I remember when I would check my phone repeatedly on Tuesdays for the Upload. Now, I often forget to check until later in the week--usually on Thursday after perusing WMTM!

Anonymous said...

Nope, nothing for me! I just find the prices ridiculous, especially for boring colors and no details worth those prices

SW24 said...

198 for the layer up (which I would be all over if it were closer to 150..) and 84 CAD for the new (basic, plain) long sleeve LOL. It's getting a little out of hand... I haven't ordered in weeks, and this week will be the same.

Nicole said...

Is the Alberta Lake love tee new?

Anonymous said...

that's an awful lot of black and white...

why keeping showing black and white prints in speed shorts (just an example)? why would people buy more than one? where is the color? not old color. new color.

Can't wait for 2Q financial results to come out.

CatepillarInTraining said...

Any word on how warm the layered up jacket is? I missed out on the 'fluff' pullovers last year and I actually love that they have a reversible Bordeaux/prep red but don't want to waste money if it's not warm :(

Anonymous said...

I didn't like anything except for the pebble print parfait pink alberta lake Runaway jacket with the reflective blue piping. I'd love to see more of that. I love the pink reflective on my Drizz jacket and the blue on the let's get visible line. I didn't get it though, I'm still deciding which jackets I'm going to sell because I have too many.

Kendahl said...

Low-key obsessed with the Peek High Times in black... I have a pair of black Brushed High Times with the tags still on that I may bring in and trade for the Peeks. Does anyone remember what Brushed HTs were sold for?

Anonymous said...

A resounding Zzzzzzz.

lol "innovation"

Free to be Zen bra is the only thing that remotely interests me but I'll call it now that those straps will not be durable. They look like they are connected. I won't be purchasing.

Cannot believe how much they want for the absent of detail, dumping looking Layer Up jacket and vest. Plus, more Boredeaux, good god. Way to kill the desire for anything in this colour.

Anonymous said...

I agree anon 4:56. I want vibrant, fun and cheerful colours, especially during winter! These colours feels so draining and blah.

Lululover said...

I love this color pallette ! Can't get enough of Dusty Mauve. Ordered Define, Piwer Y, wunder unders . That of top of my yesterday's purchase of Obscured print WUC and Speeds.

Anonymous said...

These prices ar getting ridiculous for me!!

GratefulMama said...

I like the peek ones in the print! I wish they weren't full on luxtreme, I like the thinner one and, unlike others, I love when white back prints get distorted as they stretch. But I guess with the detailing they needed a more stable fabric. But the speeds look good too and are much more palatable, price wise. And maybe the new energy bra in dusty mauve.

On a side note, the pic on the homepage is really beautiful, with the sunlight imitating the peek feature in the models pants, and of course the beautiful pose she's in. Her video is pretty hot too, I think it's done well, suggestive but tastefully so. Yoga is a sensual practice. I met my boyfriend in class and we practice together everyday. I love wearing workout clothes that enhance my practice and make me feel sexy, too!

GratefulMama said...

Do it!

Anonymous said...

I kind of like the peeks especially the crop but the lucent ice queen tights are on WMTM and I've been in love with them forever! So I took the peeks out of my cart. I have a feeling peeks are going to sell out but eh. $50 off the ice queens is something I just can't pass up.

Anonymous said...

I normally get love tees in any color I can but the love tee 3 stops at an 8?! That's ridiculous! Thanks again for reminding me why you don't want me as a customer, Lulu.

Anonymous said...

Visited the Robson street Lululemon store in Vancouver today. Was not blown away by the clothes or customer service. Or should I say lack of... Very bland design and boring colours. The CRB2 looked awful on me. Will never purchase. I used to spend thousands of dollars on LLL but not anymore. I will probably save my money and get a Moncler jacket this winter instead.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible the Rose print WUC are laser printed? I swear my pair have that same pattern

Anonymous said...

The runaway jacket is from 1 or 2 years ago....those prints are from then too. .lol...I know as I had the Alberta Lake pebble one...retuned it as seams and zippers pilled the swiftly I wore under it...and since that is why I have swiftly. ...to wear on cool days under the jacket...I got rid of it...just needs a liner on inside...not in sleeves but just in body

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the subdued palette. Colours have been really vivid for quite a long time, so I don't mind the change. I also really love bright pinks with blacks/greys, and God knows I would have enough bright pinks to go with these colours. My biggest issue is with the current pricing. I just can't justify buying anything at this price point when I already own so much. I'm really interested in that lace pattern shown in the video, but I know I won't be buying the pants or crops because they'll be so expensive. And I doubt that I'll buy a bra since I'd only be covering it up. I wonder if there will be any tanks released in that print?

Shadowy Lady said...

Nothing for me though I love Dusty Mauve colour. Will wait for the stuff to hit WMTM.
I did finally try the CRB II as well and the crossback sits funny on me, not sure why. But I've moved to the MEC version now and they always have sales.

Anonymous said...

Nothing tempting, but that no longer surprises me. I used to feel almost offended if there wasn't at least one item in the upload I wanted, but the only thing I've bought in months were a couple of CRB Is on WMTM because they're being killed off in favor of a crappier new version. I guess I must care somewhat, because I keep checking this blog, but my expectations for Lulu are at rock bottom. The current team have utterly destroyed this company.