Monday, August 8, 2016

Circuit Breaker Skirt, Bordeaux All Day Backpack, andMore

Circuit Breaker Skirt, Stuff Your Bra, and Cool Racerback II

New Super Purple Cool Racerback II and Hounds Camo Emperor Blue Wunder Unders

Warp Super Purple Wunder Under Pants and Cool Racerback II

Fast As Light Tank, Hounds Camo Wunder Under Pants, True Red Swiftly Tank, and Sunshine Salutation Crops.

Splatter Print Wunder Under Pants, Sweat Date Tank, and Free to Be Wild Bra

Bordeaux All Day Backpack and Fast As Light Tank


Anonymous said...

OT - since LLL has priced me out of their market - $64 for a BRA!!!! $108 for crops - WTF. Could you please do a review of Zobha?? My LLL days are over.

Anonymous said...

Did the US get the red circuit breaker skirt in regular length, or did it just sell out that quickly? I only saw it in the tall version. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I tried on the CRB II. It's fine. Personally, I prefer the lower scoop, the narrower neck seam and the back on the original CRB, but if I wasn't doing a comparison, the new one is very nice. I don't think the extra make (v at back neck, seam at mid racer back, wider neck seam) is really necessary for a basic tank, but it does set it apart from other basic tanks. Maybe that's why they tweaked it??? I didn't buy it b/c I thought the super purple might be too close to bruised berry. Has anyone compared?

I bought the Fast As Light Tank...did not try on in the store. Note to self. Too many straps when they attach a separate bra with the tank. Would have preferred tank only. Just a personal preference...otherwise very nice. Felt supportive. I'll end up returning due to too many straps going on for me.

Got the Circuit Breaker Skirt Tall today too. Cute.

Here's what I found regarding skirt lengths. I measured center front length only. Bear in mind, tolerance is most likely 1/4" in production...meaning it will vary up to 1/4". I buy Talls when offered, so this is not quite apples to apples:

These were offered only in Regular (no Talls):

Hit Your Stride 12"
Pleat To Street 12 1/4"
Hottie Hot (original) 12.5"
Hot Hitter (my favorite!) 13.5"

These were offered in Reg and Tall. I have Tall only:
Circuit Breaker Tall 13"
Pace Rival Tall 13 1/4"
Pacesetter Tall 13 1/4 to 13 3/4" (varied)

Anonymous said...

WMTM just uploaded a ton of new items!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon9:12. I don't see anything new on WMTM? All that stuff was uploaded last week

Anonymous said...

I got the red skirt and really like it. I feel like it is a good replacement for the pace setter.