Tuesday, July 12, 2016


lululemon dottie-tribe-high-times high-rise-wunder-under-pant

lululemon dottie-tribe-high-times high-rise-wunder-under-pant
Dottie Tribe High Times Hi Rise Wunder Under Pants. This is another of the digital print pants. I ordered these to try. They looked so cute in the numerous try-on photos I saw today.

lululemon dottie-tribe-high-times pace-rvial

lululemon dottie-tribe-high-times pace-rival
Dottie Tribe Pace Rival Crops. I also ordered these to try.

lululemon espresso-paint-storm cool-racerback

lululemon dottie-tribe cool-racerback

lululemon clear-mint cool-racerback
New Cool Racerbacks in Espresso Paint Storm, Dottie Tribe, and Clear Mint. I ordered the Espresso Paint Storm one. I'd really prefer bottoms in this print but I want to try this one.

lululemon dottie-tribe energy-bra

lululemon espresso-paint-storm energy-bra

lululemon espresso-paint-storm energy-bra

lululemon cape-red energy-bra

Dottie Tribe, Espresso Paint Storm, and Cape Red Energy Bra. I am really tempted by the Paint Storm bra but I don't know if I have any tops to wear it under where you would see the print.

lululemon harbor-paint-storm energy-bra

Harbor Blue Paint Storm H20 Energy Bra.

lululemon clear-mint pavement-pusher-bra

lululemon dottie-tribe pavement-pusher-bra

lululemon dottie-tribe pavement-pusher-bra
The new Pavement Pusher bras were uploaded to the Canadian website.

lululemon dottie-tribe sculpt

lululemon paint-storm-harbor sculpt
Sculpt Tanks in Dottie Tribe and Harbor Blue Paint Storm.

lululemon paint-storm-harbor power-y

lululemon dusk-dye-power-y
Harbor Paint Storm and Dusk Dye Power Y tanks.

lululemon intensi-tee

lululemon intensi-tee ls
Hero LS Intensi tee.

lululemon intensi-tee

lululemon intensi-tee
Short Sleeve Intensi Tee

lululemon all-day-backpack
Dottie Tribe Play All Day Backpack

lululemon dusk-dye sun-runner-crop
Dusk Dye Sun Runner Crop

lululemon dottie-tribe hottie-hot

lululemon dottie-tribe hottie-hot
Hottie Hot Shorts, regular and long version, in Dottie Tribe.

lululemon globetrotter-desk

lululemon globetrotter-desk
Globetrotter Dress

lululemon dottie-tribe lighten-up-bra

lululemon dottie-tribe lighten-up-bra
Lighten Up Bra

lululemon dash-to-class-ss
Dash to Class SS

lululemon don't-sweat-it-kit
Don't Sweat It Kit

lululemon get-it-om-bra
Get It Om Bra

Did you get anything today? 


Anonymous said...

I will be checking out the s/s Intensi Tee tomorrow but there isin't a colourt I am really liking. I will also check out the cool cocoa DSP. The Studio Crop ll looks horrible in the product pic with a lot of pulling in the crotch. I will never buy these crops as they don't come close to the amazing original design and they don't warrant the $98. price tag.

Anonymous said...

I tried on the Globetrotter dress today. I'm not going to trot the Globe with that dress on. The fabric (nylon) is so thick and unwieldy that I thought I would never be able to peel it off my body. It was somewhat less difficult to put it on, although I had to arrange the built in bra and roll the dress down. I like to wear lightweight, easy to pull on and pull off garments that don't really touch my body in the summer heat.

Anonymous said...

Why is the LS Intensi Tee so short??

Lululover said...

Anon 6:14 did you find it TTS ? We're there any other colors beside the ones that were uploaded ? Tnx!

Amy C. said...

@Anonymous 6:14:
I know it says it has a built in bra, but can you add the padded cups? With the last dress with a built in bra cups could not be added. I'm just curious...but I loved your comment about putting it on and taking it off!
Amy C.

Anonymous said...

I got the Dottie Tribe WUP and PR. I almost got the paint storm CRB but I'm holding out for a PR. I don't think I'll really wear the CRB

Anonymous said...

I predict that harbour blue print is going to hit WMTM pretty soon.

I ordered the dress in a size up with the odd-looking wrap that was uploaded last week... I live in a fairly cool climate and thought they'd make a nice dinner date outfit.

Very curious about the new bra! I'm a runner and like a lot of support in a sports bra without too much strappy nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what black top is shown with the "Hottie Hot Shorts in Dottie Tribe (long version)? Thanks

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:07 pm - It looks like the Fast Lane singlet, worn tucked into the waistband of the shorts.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:59 pm - I agree but tons of people were going gaga over the harbor blue print in speed and the other shorts. I didn't care for it when I saw it in person.

lulu said...

I was in store yesterday and was able to try on the dottie tribe print in both the WUP hi rise and the PR Crop..The Pace rival crop came home with me I absolutely love! The WUP Hi rise are also beautiful but since they are much higher priced I just felt I wouldn't wear them enough to justify..both the pant and crop are identical material make-up..virtually no fade in print. The CRB in the dottie tribe print was thin and polyester feeling definitely not a fan of the material for this CRB. The CRB is different material blend than the pants.
The espresso Paint storm in the high times had a lot of fade in different areas making it ombre like..I did not care for it and the material blent was not the same as the dottie tribe WUP Hi rise or Pace rival Crops

LuluAddict said...

@lulu - Good to know. I returned the Espresso Paint Storm high Times because they faded a lot on me. I was super disappointed because that print is just gorgeous. Glad the Pace Rivals and WUP in dottie tribal are the no/minimal fade material. I love that material.

Anonymous said...

It comes with the padded cups in there :)

Anonymous said...

I tried it on at the SF Union Square store today - I'm normally a sz 12 in tops and sz 10 bottoms - I tried the size 10 dress on today and it was fitted...hard to pull off and okay at pulling on...so I would say it's a fitted TTS. Only the 2 colors in the upload were in the store

hmdowd said...

Hello Ladies, I picked up the WUP Dottie Tribe high rise. I like that the pattern changes to the flowers on the side. unique. I'm also going to try the Get It Om Bra...I feel like I am in constant search for a nice coverage long line bra for C cup! I'm a little worried about the side boob on that one :/. If any of you try it on, pelase leave a review. I did order the Globetrotter Dress. I got the Picnic Play dress from last year and yes it is tight and a bit of a challenge to get on off, but I feel once on, it is form fitting and makes any size lady look slim. I have worn it a lot on vacation. You can dress it up with heels or down with flippies. -Heidi

Anonymous said...

@Lulu thank you so much for the awesome review. I ordered the Pace Rivals yesterday because I couldn't justify the WUPs for the same reason as you. Glad I did!

Miranda said...

Concerning the Globetrotter dress - a shelf bra only with no pads? Why?!?!

I must be the only one who doesn't like this new dottie tribe print. It looks really unflattering in the pics of the pace rivals especially. I see those going to MD.

I really like the paint storm/harbor blue print in the speed shorts which I picked up last weekend. Very pretty print in person. Don't care for the print as much in 7/8 or crop length, especially since it's backed in white/fades with stretching.

CatepillarInTraining said...

I ordered the dottie tribe WUP hi rise and the dottie tribe pace rivals along with the dottie tribe festival bag and the mint bra. I will definitely just keep 1 pair of the dottie tribe pants (either the pace rivals or the WUP). I felt like the way the print goes from stripes in front to flowers down the sides of the WUP was really special and I at least wanted to try them, even though luon in these prints tends to fade on my thick runners calves, so I got the pace rivals as my "back up". I REALLY love this print, it's a great transitional print to go into fall, a lot of my bright summer tops will look great but I think fireside red and zinfandel will look pretty with it too.

Anonymous said...

Do not like the Dottie Tribe, espresso paint storm or harbor blue paint storm prints at all. I'm still managing to buy though and purchased the Harbor Blue Run Stuff Bra (finally - U.S. got something good!). Other than basics - not liking anything they've put out print wise lately.

Anonymous said...

Miranda: the Globetrotter dress does have pads in the bra. The dress is quite flattering when it's on, but the thick nylon fabric and the difficulty of putting it on and taking it off was a turn-off.

Shadowy Lady said...

nothing for me. I just received my Running Bare order which I quite like though :) The prints are gorgeous!

There are a couple of CRB's that I want to purchase like the new pink one and Bali Breeze (which I've wanted forever) as well as a pair of black Hottie Hot shorts. But no hurry on those. I've been wearing my white pair of Hottie Hots to detah

Anonymous said...

Yesterday someone was asking about the lace CRB. I received mine today. The CRB is tts, and the material is 73% nylon, 27% extra life Lycra, and it feels like my recently purchased Real Quick singlet. The green colour is simply beautiful, and I can feel the air coming through the laser cuts, so the ventilation works.
Mine is going back. My RQ singlet does not absorb and badly shows sweat, and the lace CRB seems to be of the same fabric. It also creases and the wrinkles stay in, even if you wash the top. I even ironed the darn thing, but it wrinkled again when I folded it for storage. My biggest nit is the poufing out of the CRB in the back, where a half moon shaped seam was created to separate the laser cut piece from the rest. If it was a nice smooth back, I would keep it.

Anonymous said...

...and yet, unlike Anon @ 12:46, I love, love, love the Lace CRB. It's a dream to run in, wicks and evaporates quickly and I have zero poufing on mine. I could care less about wrinkles. I run a crap load of miles - the last thing on my mind is if my top gets a wrinkle in it. I love it. It behaves and feels like the Waterbound singlets from a couple of years ago and it's one of my fave hot weather running tops.

It's preference for sure. I bought my tts and it's a loose fitted cut - which I also love.

Anonymous said...

I love this dress and it looks great on. HOWEVER, you're right! i hate how difficult it is to put on. I put it right back where it belongs- on the rack!

Timothy Roach said...

I cannot believe they are sold out of the Dottie Tribe WUP already...so disappointing I didn't think I had to worry about a sell out because they were priced so high. Does anyone think they will come out with this print in the high times pant (7/8)

Timothy Roach said...

Also anyone try on the Dottie Tribe WUP? If I am normally a 4 could I stretch to a 6 ? My Store has one size 6 left

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned that LLL is going to do more single run prints this year, like they did in the old LLL days. It's nice, because it feels like you can get some really unique items. It sucks because if you're not fast, you either miss out or wind up paying too much later.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:39 am - My store manager told me there were more digital prints coming out. It's a fun way of building excitement in the brand.

GratefulMama said...

I have the get it om bra in black and it's probably the sexiest bra top I own. I LOVE it. I'm a 32 C but I'm 35 and lost a lot of weight since I started practicing yoga this last year, and I used to be a 36D, so my point is, I'm not a "firm" perky 32C by any means and this bra made me look like I was! I got it in a 4, like I always wear in lulu bras. Yes, it cuts in at the sides and is quite naughty but the high neck makes it ok. It was quite pricey but worth it. If it came in white I would buy it in a heartbeat!!